10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money – Part 9

Welcome to the latest series on JosephSangl.com – 10 Random Questions To Ask Yourself About Money

These are 10 questions that have personally challenged me in my finances, and I know they can help you too!

Question 9  Do I know more about reality TV shows than I do about my own financial situation?

I love watching reality shows.  My favorite show is The Amazing Race (I want to be on that show!!!).  I also like Big Brother, Survivor, and American Idol.  When I was B-R-O-K-E, I knew everything there was to know about these shows, but I was broke!  How crazy is that?

I spent so much time watching “reality” shows, but my true reality was being completely neglected!

I wonder if the same has been true for you in the past, or if it is true right now?

ACTION:  Take a few moments to reflect on your true financial situation.  Is it receiving the amount of attention it needs for you to accomplish your plans, hopes, and dreams?

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