10 Ways To Save Money – RIGHT NOW!

When I teach the Financial Learning Experience, I focus on two key items:

  1. Immediate ways to improve one’s financial situation (usually ways to immediately save money)
  2. Tools that help people automate and systematize sound financial principles (budgeting, investing, saving, giving, eliminating debt, etc.)

The tools mentioned in #2 are FREE and located HERE.

Regarding #1, here are 10 ways to save money – RIGHT NOW!

  1. Use coupons when shopping for groceries (and shop for food staples at Aldi if there is one near your house).   I like GroceryFreak.com, SouthernSavers.com, and CouponMom.com.
  2. Call the cable company and ask for a discount. Be nice.   Ask for a deal.   Shoot, I’m considering dumping cable altogether.
  3. Shop the car and home insurance. This is one of those items that people typically “set-and-forget”.   The average person who has not gotten new quotes in the last two years will save $500 – $700 per year!   That is real money!   I really like US Insurance Online as a way to obtain quotes quickly and easily from agents located in the zip code I enter.
  4. Check into your home property taxes. Many states provide a homestead exemption, and I have seen many people completely miss this exemption which can result in around a 33% reduction!   This is a reduced rate of taxation on a personal residence that you are actually residing in.   You can visit your local government tax office to find out if you qualify!
  5. Dump the home phone. Especially if you have a cell phone!   Ask yourself the question, “Why do I have a landline phone?”   The answer of “because I’ve always had one” may not be the best justification for keeping it.
  6. Go on a one-month spending fast. Please don’t misread this.   I did not write that you should spend money fast.   I wrote “go on a spending fast.”   Seriously, it can change your life if you go on a spending fast.   You will find ways to have great fun and avoid spending money that you would otherwise never discover.
  7. Do as much as possible on-line. Buy your postage on-line (Stamps.com) (avoids trips to post office), pay bills on-line (avoids postage), deposit your checks on-line (many banks allow you to self-scan checks in and conduct your deposit right from your home computer), shop on-line (find a lot better deals), and more.
  8. Dine out using coupons.   You can use Entertainment Book, Restaurant.com, or coupons in your mailbox.   If you plan on using money to dine out, make sure you take the time to maximize your money by finding a coupon!
  9. Cut an entertainment item by one per month. If you golf once a week, skip one week a month.   If you take guitar lessons once a week, skip one week a month.   You get the idea.   Less fun is better than no fun at all!
  10. Use cash envelopes. There is no doubt in my mind that cash envelopes have been one of the most essential tools my wife and I have used to stick to our budget each month.   Use cash envelopes for the items you tend to “impulse” spend on.   Items like groceries, restaurants, clothes, spending money, and entertainment.

You might want to bookmark this page so that you can try all of these money saving tips out.

When you save money, we would love for you to share your success stories with us HERE.


  1. Nathan Rice on April 6, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Dumping cable is definitely worth it, but keep the internet access. Most shows you can get on-demand, and a good antenna will get all your local channels (in HD, no less). You’ll watch less TV, but better TV. No more channel surfing, you only watch what you WANT to watch. It’s fantastic.

  2. Tiffany on April 7, 2010 at 6:07 am

    I called our internet company and asked if they had any discounts right now, even if it meant reducing the speed… they offered me $20 less a month for 12 months with no changes to my service! WOW!! All I had to do was ask and they were happy to assist. Most times, they get perks for signing people up, even existing customers.
    I have also switched my home alarm system over to a company that charges quarterly or annually. When paid annually, we get a free month. The one I now use charges less, is a christian company in our area and we can go wireless! No home phone required!!

  3. Laine Bessette on April 16, 2010 at 4:12 pm

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