20 years from now …

I wrote on February 8, 2006 about what life will look like in 20 years if mismanagement of our finances were to continue. That post is located here.

My question today is this: Have you changed anything to make your life better in 20 years?

Many times when I write in these blogs I am writing to myself. I am working through thoughts that are helping to shape my life at the current time. That was the case for my “What Will You Say In 20 Years” post.

I am here to tell you that I have taken SUBSTANTIAL steps to modify the picture 20 years from now.

Steps that I have taken.

  • Resigned position in Corporate America to pursue this passion of my life regarding helping others with their personal finances. I am embarking on a CRUSADE against the “I’ll always have a car payment” and “I’ll always be broke” mentality.
  • I am reading even more books. Filling my brain with information.
  • I met with a personal coach on the topic of Executive Leadership. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! It is an opportunity to have a skilled individual who has a vested interest in you as an individual, but no vested interest in the company. As a result, you can bounce ideas off of them without fear of repercussion or retribution. Very cool.

What steps have you taken?

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