Years from now, will you regret your money management?

Why are you managing money the way you currently are?

Is it because:

  • you have so little money available to you?
  • you earn enough to not really pay attention to your spending?
  • you have an end goal in mind?
  • your parents managed their money this way?
  • you do not want to manage your money the way your parents did?
  • you do not understand how to manage your money?
  • you become frustrated each time you try to develop a plan for your money?
  • you have no hope?

I believe that EVERYONE can manage their finances very well. The largest problem that I encounter is a lack of know-how. Once they are EQUIPPED with a workable budget and other key financial know-how, they begin to really experience excellence in the management of their financial resources.

This leads me to two questions:

  • Why aren’t they equipped to manage their money?
  • Why aren’t they SEEKING to be equipped to manage their money?

Why aren’t they equipped to manage their money?

I went through 20 years of education. K – 12 (13 years), undergraduate degree (4 years), graduate degree (3 years). In those 20 years of education, I NEVER HAD ONE SINGLE COURSE teach me on HOW to manage my money. I learned a lot about earning money, but NOTHING on HOW to manage it once I earned it. This is terrible! Why haven’t they been equipped?

Why aren’t they seeking to be equipped to manage their money?

Fear. Despair. It’s emotional. One spouse is not interested. Frustration. Too busy. Do not know who to listen to or learn from. It is hard to trust someone with this very personal issue.

My Goal: Let it be known that the help we can provide is trustworthy, above reproach, focused on the issues, developed to be easily understood and applied, and is proven to work.

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