Money – Do you have enough?

I have recently read a book that has rocked my world. The book is titled, “The Soul Of Money”, and it was written by Lynne Twist.

Lynne asks a tremendous question. Do you have enough?

Thought 1: There is NOT enough money for everyone
There are many people who believe that there is simply not enough money for everyone, so they hoard all of the money they possibly can.

“At least I have some for my family”, they justify to themselves.

Thought 2: There is enough money for everyone
These people have an entirely different mindset. While they may even have tremendous wealth, they are not caught up in the “keep up with the Jones'” trap. They give HUGE amounts of money away to causes that they strongly believe in.

“I have enough for today” is their thought.

Do you know people caught in the trap of Thought 1? There is never enough. They have 3 cars, but they really NEED this other car. They have 2 houses, but they really NEED this one more. They have a closet FULL of clothes, but they really NEED some more.

This does not apply to just extremely wealthy individuals! There are people caught in the same trap who are in PILES of debt. They are supporting their lifestyle with credit. I have seen that come crashing down approximately 100% of the time!

WHY?!!!! WHY does someone allow themselves to get caught in this trap? What exactly is enough? Will they ever get to enough?

The answer becomes real clear to me. I have enough for today. I am able to give more than I thought possible. I am able to save more than I thought possible. I am able to spend more than I thought possible.

I have enough.

Thanks, Lynne Twist, for writing a book that made me ask myself the question.

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