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I see miracles taking place!

I have always bent toward the optimistic view of life. OK! OK! OK! I really point directly toward the optimistic view of life!

I believe in people’s ability to accomplish exactly what they were put on this earth to do.

It has earned me the title of Mr. Quixotic. You can see the definition here. defines quixotic as being “caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality”

Why? Because I believe in people! Because I believe that people are empowered with something called COMMON SENSE! Because I have seen miracles taking place in the lives of people!

I have seen marriages being restored! Guess what? I see thousands more being restored!

I have seen HOPE restored! Guess what? I see thousands more have HOPE restored!

I have seen financial situations being miraculously transformed! Guess what? I see thousands more have the same thing happen!

I have seen people begin to pursue their dreams and passions and not being denied. Guess what? I see thousands more doing the same!

I believe that when a person is able to work in their sweet spot – that one thing that turns work into a crusade – their soul is set on fire! It’s effect on others around them is undeniable! I love working – strike that – CRUSADING along side people who are doing exactly what they were made to do.

If that makes me QUIXOTIC, so be it. I just happen to believe that the unrealistic will become reality!

Great ideas mixed with passion will catch fire!

Have you ever saw a successful business and wondered why it became successful?

Take Chick-Fil-A for example. A great product! I LOVE their chicken sandwiches! I LOVE their cole slaw! I REALLY LOVE their sweet tea!

It is a great product!

Do you think that the chicken sandwich would have been known to many if the persons behind the product were not passionate about it?

Here is a hint:


Are you passionate about what you do? Guess what? If you are not, people will be able to tell. They will see it in the way you talk about it. They will sense it in the tone you use. They will recognize it by the way you carelessly refer to it.

However, guess what happens when you ARE passionate about what you do? People notice! They can tell in the way that you obsess over it. In the tone you talk about it. By your enthusiasm! It’s serious! It’s because you are passionate about it!

Well, guess what? I am passionate about helping people with their personal finances! Whether it is someone who is in complete crisis “I’m about to declare bankruptcy”-mode or it is someone looking to tune up the management of their money, I am PASSIONATE about helping them take it to the next level!

I am living, eating, breathing, sleeping, and dreaming about this subject! It is something that I can not get over! I once lived on the B-R-O-K-E side of personal financial management. This is where over 70% of Americans are living TODAY!!! In the world’s wealthiest nation, THIS SHOULD NOT BE!!!

As Americans, we should be able to tell ourselves NO! occasionally. We should be able to be wealthy! We should be able to GIVE, SAVE, and SPEND far more than we are currently able to, but we just cannot deny ourselves!!!

Come over to my side of the fence. Welcome to a world where you manage your money instead of letting your money manage you! Welcome to a world where you can focus on doing that thing that you were created to do! Welcome to a world where you can channel resources to causes that you passionately believe in!

Manage your money instead of letting your money manage you!

What an idea! I am passionate about it.

If great ideas mixed with passion really do catch fire, then an INFERNO is on its way!

Bring it on!

You can’t ever go back.

You can’t ever go back.

No matter how much you want to, it is just not possible. The time has passed. The event has passed. The words were spoken.

You can’t ever go back.

As a result, your relationships will accumulate more and more memories. Hopefully, many of those memories are happy ones. Sadly, there will also be sad ones.

Understand this: You can’t ever go back.

If you do NOT understand this and if it is your expectation that every single one of your friends is perfect, you will be a very depressed individual! Since you can’t ever go back, the inevitable truth is that memories will build onto each other.

Since you can’t ever go back, it means that you need to learn FORGIVENESS and FORGETFULNESS. Your spouse may have done something that impacted you negatively in your finances. Forgive them! You may have done something that caused you to lose a lot of money. Forget about it! Request forgiveness and move on!

If you do not learn that you can’t ever go back AND that people are not perfect AND that your spouse and friends will have some more less stellar moments in the future, you will become a very disgruntled and disillusioned person.

Learn to forgive. Learn to forget. Learn how to move forward TOGETHER!

You can do it! I believe in you!

What do you need to do about this TODAY?

Enthusiasm changes everything!

I love being around enthusiastic people!

You know people like this. They are so excited about everything in life. They want to solve world hunger in the morning and then boil the ocean in the afternoon.

OK. They may be a little unrealistic (or a lot), but I love it! I love being around them! They pump me up! The energy is contagious. It spreads. The positive, can-do attitude is awesome!

When I work around enthusiastic people who believe deeply in the cause they are fighting for, it challenges me to step up my game. It reinforces the passion I have for my life: “To help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “I believe in your ability to manage your money and prevent your money from managing you!”.

I am enthusiastic when I say, “If you can do first grade math, you can manage your money well!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “You CAN be debt-free!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “I believe in you!”

I am enthusiastic when I say, “You really can reach a day where you do not have to worry about how to pay the next house payment and car payment!”

I believe in you! I want you to win!

I KNOW that there will be some pain as you force your money to behave, but the pain will be short-term if you attack it enthusiastically!

Here is a thought: If you attack your debt today and put together a plan to become debt-free, what day will you become totally free of debt?

So what if it takes as long as 10 years (usually it takes 1.5 to 3 years to become debt-free except for the house)? How old will you be then? 43? 37? 62? You will still have a LOT of life left to live, and it will all be free of the stress created by the way you currently manage your finances!


So you really want to help someone …

In the finance classes that I teach, we have small group discussion time after the lesson. It is an AWESOME time where the class has an opportunity to talk about the good things that have happened with their finances and also the not-so-good things.

As a small group discussion leader, I have learned more from sitting in these discussion groups than I ever would have learned sitting through a finance conference somewhere.

Do you know why? Because people are being real. People are allowing themselves to be transparent so that someone else can learn from the pain of their experience.

As our classes have grown, I have had a need for more small group discussion leaders. When I ask some potential leaders, I have invariably received the response, “Oh, I could never help them with their finances. I am just now getting control of mine!”

You do not know how much I love that response! Why? They are being real! They are humble! They are in EXACTLY the right spot to be an excellent small group discussion leader! They have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT and that allows them to really help someone because they can meet them where they are.

So you really want to help someone … ? Be authentic, be real, meet people where they are, listen to them, and exude HOPE at all times!

To all of the persons who have been involved in a small group discussion – you KNOW exactly what I am talking about.

To all of the persons who have been involved in a small group discussion led by me – first, let me apologize :), second, THANK YOU for letting me learn from you! I rejoice in the opportunity that I have had to potentially help you!

Many days before I go to work, I play the piano. I sit down and play the song “If I Can Help Somebody”. No, I am not making this up! You know why I play this song? Because I LOVE sharing something that has changed my life with others and seeing it help them in real and tangible ways.