Good news gets around!

How fast news travels!   When a new baby is born, it seems like everyone knows within a few hours.   When someone gets engaged, everyone knows within a few hours.   When you get that new job, everyone knows within a few hours.   When your house sells, everyone knows within a few hours.

How does everyone know within a few hours?   It is because the one experiencing the good news cannot wait to share it with someone else!   They are so happy that they feel as if they will burst if they do not share it with someone else!   They are driven to share and moved to tell others.   The excitement simply cannot be denied!

I am writing this to tell you good news!   You do not have to remain financially broke!   You do not have to buy all of Christmas this year on a credit card!   You can have enough money!   You can be enabled to accomplish everything that God has called you to be – regardless of the income potential!

It is great news that I learned years ago, and I have applied it long enough to truly know what financial freedom is.   I have one debt at this point – my house.   In a few short years, I will have zero debt.   How?   Is it because I make a tremendous amount of money?   No!   It is because Jenn and I ceased to finance every purchase in our life with debt!   We pay cash for everything we buy.   Everything.

Camcorder?   Cash.   Lawnmower?   Cash.   Bed?   Cash.   Refrigerator?   Cash.   Car?   Cash.   Two major surgeries?   Cash. Really!   You can do this!

Good news travels fast!   I am here to tell you that this works for every person on this planet.   I will not stop talking about it!   I will not stop writing about it!   I will not stop speaking about it!   I will not be denied the right to tell of this good news!

It is so much like the salvation experience!   When Jesus Christ saved us, he paid our debts!   When you pay off your financial debts, you are “saved” from the stress, the money fights, the agony of not being able to provide for your family the way you want, and your marriage is blessed beyond measure.

Go tell this good news to somebody!


  1. tonya plott on November 27, 2006 at 6:29 am

    I wanted to write to inform u that u done awesome sunday at church. U kept people interested and I’m sure it was hard to share your personal finances like that. I couldn’t do that. I give all thanks to God that me and my husband has been married for 5 1/2 years and we haven’t went in debt due to the fact that we put it in our mindset that we didn’t want to b like our parents which has maxed out credit cards. And yes we do have a wonderful place, it may not b our dream house but it is wonderful. And it will b paid off this coming up year. PRAISE THE LORD!!! It is very hard to not get in debt, cause there r plenty of times we look at something and b like we want that so bad but what i’m saying is if people would put in there mind of something they do or don’t want to do and actually work on it and allow God to work with them than we can have it. But thank u for the sermon sunday it was really good. God Bless and take care. oh yea by the way. that was a awesome blanket u done. Beutiful. thanks

  2. Orion (NS drummer) on November 27, 2006 at 7:43 am

    Great Job Sunday! One of the best “Perry-fill-in’s” we’ve ever had!!!

  3. Christina F. on November 28, 2006 at 8:57 pm

    Great, Great Job on Sunday. You were wonderful.

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