Paid-for Christmas!

Over the holidays, I have had numerous individuals tell me that they paid cash for all of their Christmas presents this year!

WOW!  What a huge step toward achieving financial freedom!

By paying cash for all of their Christmas spending, they are now able to utilize their tax refunds to reduce other debt, build an emergency buffer of cash, or pay cash for other upcoming expenses.  They have eliminated the stress of carrying debt from Christmas into the new year.

Paying cash for items when they are purchased is a sign of a huge change!  To those who paid cash for all of your Christmas spending for the 1st time ever, I salute you!  To those who did not pay cash for all of your Christmas spending, you have a full 12 months to save up for the upcoming Christmas.  Remember, Christmas is in December EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

While you are at it, why not start saving up for the other non-monthly expenses like property taxes, quarterly insurance premiums, or health-club memberships?

You can do it!  Hearing the successes of others PUMPS ME UP and makes me know even more so that YOU can do this too!

Welcome to a year of becoming and staying debt-free!

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