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Pain of Same > Pain of Change

You will change your behavior when the Pain of Same becomes greater than the Pain of Change.

I see people in my office occasionally who believe that they will be able to continue to behave the same way and achieve a different result financially.

"Joe, I want to spend $200/month at restaurants, $600/month at the grocery store, $150/month on cell phone bills, $150/month on cable, $800/month on car payments, and $1,300/month on house payments, but we really want to win financially."

"OK.  Spend $50/month at restaurants, $350/month at the grocery store, go to one cell phone and save $75, go to basic cable and save $100/month, sell the cars and reduce your payments by at least $600/month, sell the house and buy one that you can afford and save $500/month."

Joe, you are crazy!!!  Me?  Change?  If you do what I have suggested, you will save  $1,675!  Life WILL be different.  The beater vehicle WILL drive different.  The smaller house WILL be different.  Guess what?  You will save $1,675/month!!!

You can now give money away and you can save for college, retirement, and your dreams.

When will the Pain of Same become greater than the Pain of Change for you?

Practical Tool Day

Ever wanted a budget that works?  Use the budget form HERE to make it really easy.  Remember that you cannot spend more than you make and win financially!

Living paycheck-to-paycheck and want a budget form for that?  Click HERE.  Not only will you complete an INCOME-OUTGO=EXACTLY ZERO budget for the month, you will also see EXACTLY how each paycheck is spent.

Want to know the day that you will be 100% debt-free?  Click HERE to figure it out!

Want to keep track of the money in your savings account?  Click HERE.

Want to know what makes up a healthy financial plan?  Click HERE

Take a moment to look through the "TOOLS" portion of this web site to see the additional tools available to you!

Have another tool that you are looking for?  Notify me!

Budgeting/Saving Tips

Time for some more budgeting/saving tips:

  • has a lot of great coupons that you can print out
  • has a lot of great information on deals that are being found at various stores
  • Buy off-brand items.  Yes, some will taste like sawdust, but others are identical to the name brand.  If you have an ALDI grocery store in your area, it is worth the drive to purchase groceries there.  We save at least $50 a month by buying our essentials there – milk, bread, canned foods, eggs …  As a side note, their eggs can be somewhat non-uniform – I get double-yolk eggs, oblong eggs …  It is really interesting.
  • Try to go a week without going to the grocery store.  Put together meals from stuff that is in the cupboards!  You will enjoy some concoctions that you have not had in awhile (or never), AND you will be able to save a week's worth of grocery money to put toward your emergency fund!
  • Have the kids mow the lawn and do the landscaping instead of paying someone else to do it.  Pay your kids and teach them how to save/give/spend out of that money!  Can you spell, "LEARNING OPPORTUNITY"?
  • Cut all of your kids hair.  It will save many families $20 – $40 per month!
  • CONSIGNMENT stores/Goodwill/Salvation Army.  You can find some great deals on clothing there!
  • Shop your insurance for quotes.  Get at least three quotes and obtain one of them from an independent insurance agent.  You may be able to save $100 – $500/year on your insurance!
  • Take a low-budget vacation instead of that $3,000 one.  You will find that you will have just as much fun, and you may be able to save $2,000 – $2,500 toward debt reduction, emergency fund, or retirement fund!
  • Sleep on major purchase decisions.  This will really help you to avoid "impulse" purchases like a new car, a pricey vacation, a new plasma TV, etc.
  • Get rid of the home telephone.  Many people have so many cell phones that the home phone is becoming obsolete.  For basic home telephone service you will pay $25/month, and it will not come with the basic features that a cell phone has – free long distance, caller-id, call waiting, voice mail, camera, text messaging, games, etc.
  • Get rid of the movie channels on cable.  It is loaded with a bunch of trash movies anyhow, and it leads to a loads of wasted time.

I would love to hear more ideas on how you can save money.  You leave a comment or contact me HERE.

Want Financial Freedom? Learn from Peyton Manning!

You may have recently embarked on a journey to obtain financial freedom.  Your journey may be starting from a place of paycheck-to-paycheck living, past due payments, and a pile of marital stress.  For others, your journey may be starting from a place of relative security, but you are wanting to take your finances to the next level.

Regardless of where you are starting, a look at Peyton Manning is worth a few minutes.

Here is a guy who did very well while a QB at the Unversity of Tennessee, but the team never won it all.  Yet, you never heard Peyton whine, grovel, or complain.

What did he do?  He resolved to work that much harder and that much smarter.  He was tireless at the study of game tape and working on his mechanics.

When he was drafted in 1998, people were somewhat surprised that the Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf.  Now, for Peyton, the good news was that he was drafted #1.  The bad news was that he was now on the Colts which had regularly stood for Count On Losing This Sunday.  Radio stations had blues songs every week that described how the Colts would manage to bumble through another loss during the upcoming weekend.

So what did Peyton do?  Did he give up? NO WAY!  He applied himself all the more!  Study of game tape.  Review of pictures of every defensive set after every series.  Tireless practice with Marvin Harrison.  All the time.  Always preparing.  Always improving.  Relentlessly focused.

As his career has progressed, Peyton has broken record after record which earned him a lot of accolades.  Did he stop practicing thinking that he had "made it"?  NO!  He continued to improve.  He continued to practice.  He continued to develop himself.

All of his accomplishments put him in the position of earning that title, "Greatest QB to never win the Super Bowl".  The unflappable Peyton stood strong and tall through all of the talk.  He focused on the game.  He never turned negative.  He never whined to the media about how tough he had it.  First class all the way.

So on February 4th, 2007, when it was all said and done, Peyton stood holding the Lombardi Trophy and the Super Bowl MVP awards.  Victory.  Success.

What do you think Peyton is going to do now?  My bet is that he will start studying game tape and practicing even more.  Why?  Because that is what winners do!

What lessons from Peyton can you take away to apply to your journey toward Financial Freedom?



I grew up in the Indianapolis area.  I remember when the Colts left Baltimore in the middle of the night and moved to Indianapolis.  I remember that we were SO HORRIBLE that C-O-L-T-S stood for Count On Losing This Sunday.  I remember when Eric Dickerson was there in the twilight of his career.  I remember when Jim Harbaugh became "Captain Comeback" and the Colts were ROBBED of their chance at the Super Bowl by a blown call in Pittsburgh when Kordell Steward went out of bounds in the back of the end zone and then came back in to catch the winning TD pass.  I remember when the Colts were so good with Peyton, Edgerrin James (sp?), and Marvin Harrison, but we could never get past the Patriots.

I remember when God Himself tried to put the Colts in the Super Bowl when the refs blew 50 calls and then "The Bus" fumbled while going in for the dagger TD.  Ben tripped up the return – Colts miss the game-tying FG – the end.

Now, finally, twenty years after coming to Indianapolis, the Colts are in the Super Bowl.

Here's to Peyton, Tony Dungy, and the entire Colts organization on taking it to the Bears this evening and bringing the trophy home to Indianapolis.

I'm calling it right now – 4 TD passes by Manning and at least 2 defensive TDs scored by the Colts. 

It is TIME

What are you waiting for?  Are you looking for a sign?  What type of sign?  You already have the burden to do it.  You already know what it is that you have been put on this earth to do.  You have been putting it off forever.  You can deny yourself (and God) forever, but in the end is all of the frustration and sadness worth it?

You can do it!  Maybe finances are blocking your way to do it right now – well then, let's get on about fixing the situation!  I am so SAD about the people I have met that are incredibly gifted and talented, but are in financial bondage!  I KNOW that they could be able to go do exactly what they were made to do in just a few short months or years if they would just take the time to fix their finances.  I KNOW that they would be doing exactly what God put them on earth to do!  I KNOW that I would see them at their finest – at their most alive point in life – if they would just eliminate the financial stress and go do the very thing they were put on earth to accomplish!

IT IS TIME!!!!  I can not wait any longer!  Your gift and your life's objective is TOO important to me!  You were put on earth to do something very specific.  If you do not do it, who will?  Who will not be administered to?  Who will be denied an opportunity?  Who will be left without?  Who will be at risk?  Who will be in trouble?  Who will not have a mentor?

Go get your finances in order and get about doing exactly what you were made to do!!! 

Top 10 Reasons Joe Sangl is Investing

1.  I want to start a college

2.  I want to visit New Zealand and Australia

3.  Canadian Fishing Trips need to become an annual event

4.  I want to visit China when I am 90

5.  I want to own a 200 acre farm complete with horses, chickens, pigs, cows, and lots of gardens

6.  I want to give $1,000,000 away at one time to a cause I care deeply about

7.  My dad gave me a book when I was twelve called "The Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton.  The facts are so obvious – those who invest: win; those who do not: whine

8.  I am on a crusade to help others with their finances, and it will require substantial cash to take it to the world!

9.  To pay for my children's education – all of it – even through doctoral school

10.  To be free of the bondage of debt and to pursue exactly what God has put me on earth to do – 100% of the time!

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