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Financial Learning Experience! NewSpring Church

I can't wait to host the 2nd Financial Learning Experience at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC this coming TUESDAY, June 26, from 6:30PM – 8:30PM.

It is FREE!  Childcare is provided for FREE!  Your life might just be CHANGED FOREVER!

Come join me on Tuesday!  This is open to the entire community.  You can bring along your friend, neighbor, parents, children, spouse, or in-law!

Just register HERE, and be at NewSpring Church on Tuesday evening at 6:30PM! 

If you are within a 3-hour drive of Anderson, SC, you will not regret driving over for this event! 

The big break-up!

I went through a big break-up about five years ago.

It was painful, but man I am SO GLAD that I made that decision.

You see, it was about five years ago that me and DEBT broke up.

We parted ways.

We aren't even friends anymore.

If I met DEBT on the street today, I would have this to say: "Too bad.  So sad.  Go call your Dad." 


OK – pardon me while I jump up and down and have a general fit of craziness!

Here's the deal.  You all know that I am on a crusade to help others with their finances.  You all know that I have met with over 300 people in the last eight months helping them put together a plan to win financially.  You all know that I have been traveling around teaching the "Financial Learning Experience".  You all know that I am on a quest to teach 100,000 people over the next five years.

Well, I am on this crusade because this stuff works!!!

Here is the latest example:

A man came in to my office last October, and we put together a plan for his finances.  When we calculated his DEBT FREEDOM DATE, it showed that he would be debt-free in July 2009.  Guess what?  His world has been rocked.  He is on a mission to achieve freedom from debt, and he is now on pace to become debt-free in January 2009!!!!  That is SIX MONTHS sooner.

Folks, let me put it to you this way, in the EIGHT MONTHS that he has been working towards debt freedom, he has GAINED fourteen  months!!!

That's what happens when you apply the first rule of holes to your debt – "When you are in a hole, STOP DIGGING!!!"

Way to go, man!  You pump me up!

I want to meet with Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is one of my financial heroes!

It was a book that Dave Ramsey wrote that helped position me to truly pursue financial freedom.

The name of the book?  Financial Peace, Revisited

Jenn and I became debt-free in 14 months by learning the most powerful word in the English language – NO!  The experience birthed a passion in me to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances!  So much so that I left corporate America and negotiated myself a massive pay cut to do so.  Don't feel sorry for me!!! I LOVE what I do and I no longer have to work for a living!  I am on a CRUSADE!

Part of this CRUSADE must be to meet with Dave Ramsey.  I would love to be able to meet one-on-one with Dave Ramsey to obtain mentoring and to be able to learn from him!

Some questions I will ask Dave when I meet with him are:

  • How do you balance family with your work?  The opportunities are endless at this point to do something other than go home to your family – what helps keep your family the highest priority?
  • You wrote your first book, type-set it yourself, and had it self-published.  What did you learn from that process?
  • You are in a field that can be emotionally draining.  What keeps the passion high for what you do?
  • What do you look for when hiring a new employee?  What are the absolute MUST-HAVES?
  • Has your mission/vision changed since you started?  How has it changed and what helped you figure this out?

Dave – I want to meet with you!  Tell me when and where.  I'll be there, buy the lunch and ask all the questions!

Life is happening today.

My blog last week about "Another Costly Life Thing Today" generated a stir.

Apparently, my blog left the impression that Jenn and I were going to announce a new addition to the family.  We only wish it were so.  However, you can pray that we make that announcement in the very near future!

The truth, in fact, is that the "Life" thing is happening today.  It is happening to ME.  In fact, I might even be asleep or under the influence of some powerful drugs while you are reading this!