Financial Learning Experience – Dayton, OH!!!

I am PUMPED about bringing the Financial Learning Experience to Dayton, Ohio this weekend!

Now, anyone who knows me understands what I mean when I say that I am PUMPED!!!  It means that I could possibly combust spontaneously!  I LOVE getting to do what I do!  Seeing lives changed NEVER gets old!

For those who will be attending the Financial Learning Experience this weekend, I can't wait to meet you guys!!! 

Here is what is on tap for the weekend:

1.  Today, I will be flying up to Dayton, Ohio.

2.  This evening, I will be teaching key leaders the process that I use to conduct one-on-one financial counseling.  I LOVE this part – it allows me the opportunity to meet people who are part of the crusade to help others with their finances.

3.  Tomorrow morning, I will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience with a few modifications from the last several that I have taught.  This particular FLE will include two additional sections – one on investing and one on insurance.

Interested in attending this event?  You can still sign up by clicking HERE!

Interested in bringing Joe and the Financial Learning Experience to your community?  Contact Joe by clicking HERE.

Looking for additional Personal Finance Resources?  You can obtain free tools by clicking HERE and purchase books/materials by clicking HERE.

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