Commitment – Scared?

I am sick and tired of failed commitments.

People commit before God and family to be wed for life and a few years down the road – splitsville.  Broken commitment.

People commit to a New Year's Resolution and by January 12th, they have fell off of the wagon.  Many times they can't even remember what they committed to do!!!

People come into my office and commit to spend less than they make, to save money, and to work together on their finances only to go out and spend $400 more than they made on such necessities as football tickets, video game, clothes, and restaurants.

Folks obtain loans, signing an agreement to pay back the money, and then declare bankruptcy – jilting the loan company of their money – and then have the audacity to blame it all on the lender!

People sign a business contract and then, when it is no longer convenient, break it.

We need to follow through on our commitments!

Even when:

  • it gets difficult and hard
  • the other party is not holding up their end of the bargain
  • we are tempted to fall off of the wagon
  • a better opportunity comes along

I believe our nation experiences high levels of depression due in large part to individual failures to uphold commitments.

Here are some simple rules to ensure a commitment is upheld:

  1. Think before committing!
  2. Mean what you say/commit to!
  3. Follow through on your commitment!

It is not always easy to uphold a commitment!  Lord knows that!  Everyday, I am in pursuit of fulfilling my commitments.  One of those commitments is to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.  For another day, I am following through on that commitment! 

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