Lifepoint Church Rocks!

I am back home from speaking and teaching at Lifepoint Church!

What a fabulous weekend!

I can tell you this …  God is moving big time in Wilmington, NC and I am fired up about it!

Jeff Kapusta, Daryl Strickland, George Kapusta, and the entire team at Lifepoint Church are obsessed with impacting their community and that FIRES ME UP!!!

Here is a summary …

  • Lives were changed as a result of attending the Financial Learning Experience!
  • If you attended the FLE this weekend – You CAN do this!!!
  • The entire Lifepoint team LOVES Apple products.  It was iPhone this and Macbook that and "Joe – you need to see the light and dump that PC" all weekend long.  I kept telling them that it is highly logical that Function-F4 and adjusting the visual display properties is very intuitive.  I suspect that I helped strengthen their argument.
  • The entire Lifepoint church has a "cool" factor that a nerd like me does not have.  I wonder if an Apple product would help me become "cool" in some small way.  Smile
  • God is moving in ways I did not understand until I started teaching these classes at different churches.  Churches like Crossroads, Oak Leaf, The Revolution, Barefoot Community Church, 5 Point Fellowship, Word of Faith Christian Ministries, and Lifepoint.
  • The calves', calves', calves', calves have calves.  The calves', calves', calves' have calves.  The calves' …  I guess you had to be there.  It was REALLY funny!

It was a GREAT weekend!  Lives were changed, and I am more FIRED UP about the crusade than ever before!

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  1. Jeff Kapusta on December 3, 2007 at 8:25 pm


    We had a blast. Thanks for bringing the crusade to Wilmington. You’ll have to come back for my debt free party in 18 months! I’m still praying for you to discover the joy that only Apple can give.

    One question: I still can’t figure out if the cows have a calf and the calf has a calf…who does the calf have the calf with? This compound interest thing is complicated!

  2. Brad on December 4, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Hey Joe,

    Thanks so much for taking some time to meet with Jill and I. You were such encouragement as well as offered great advice! I know so many people felt the same as I did after this past weekend!

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