What An Incredible Eight Days!

I have had a crusading dream the last eight days!

Let me recount the last eight days …

Sunday January 20th

Spoke at NewSpring Church for all four services!  You can watch an entire service HERE.  You should also check out Perry Noble's site as well.

Friday PM and Saturday AM (January 25th & 26th)

Taught the entire Financial Freedom Experience at NewSpring Church (over 300 attended!)  People drove 5 and 7 hours to come to this class.  That absolutely blows me away!

Saturday PM and Sunday AM (January 26th & 27th)

Taught at the weekend services at Southbrook Church, pastor Rob Singleton.

Sunday PM (January 27th)

Taught the Financial Learning Experience at Southbrook Church!

I got to speak eight times and teach both versions of my class in EIGHT DAYS!  It is UNBELIEVABLE that I get to do this for a living!  Oh yeah, I also see that there are 14 one-on-one financial counseling appointments on our calendar this week!!!!

To all who attended the classes or church services, THANK YOU!

You can see where the crusade will be next by clicking HERE.

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  1. Steve on January 28, 2008 at 5:24 am

    Thanks for speaking this weekend at SCC. I started my debt freedom march in August 2006. My IHHE moment was when I was sitting at my kitchen table paying bills and after I wrote the check for the mortgage and saw that was all I had, nothing else; I broke down. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I prayed hard and developed a budget and have stuck to it. I told God I would give my tithe no matter what– if other bills or payments were late, so be it. I was going to put Him first. He has been faithful to us. Nothing has been late, I actually am able to pay more than minimums, put in savings, give over and above to the building fund at church, and still priovide for the family.

    I calulated our debt free date to be June 2009. I am still on track to make it. God has blessed us with a sizable tax return this year. I am spending that return on paper right now to see what I can pay off and possibly move up my debt freedom date. My original goal was to be debt free by my 35th birthday– April 09. I’ll be pretty close. I am now down to $23K (excluding mortgage) from about $58K.

    It has been hard, but through prayer, tithing, and developing and using tools similar to the ones you showed us last night, we have been able to do it. It is so hard to say ‘no’ to those things we have been slaves to for so many years. Our television blew up a few months ago, and the old us would have run out that day and ‘bought’ (charged) a new flat screen. But, I pulled the old 20″ from the bedroom and have made due with that.

    I too get so excited when I payoff something– it feels great!

    Thanks for your message and encouragement!


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