Financial Learning Experience: Tarheel-style

I had the awesome privilege of speaking today at Pine Ridge Church (Pastor is Tadd Grandstaff).   After the two morning services were done, lunch was brought in, and we embarked together on the Financial Learning Experience.

It was a blast!  We laughed.  We had fun.  Lives were changed.

I LOVE teaching the Financial Learning Experience.  LOVE IT!

For those who attended today, here are some key links I mentioned.

  • The FREE financial tools are HERE
  • Read about FRUCALL HERE
  • Get free 411 service by using Google 411 – HERE
  • The Pay-Off and Savings Spectaculars are HERE (Including the Llama Pay-Off Spectacular)
  • You can get daily posts every day – automatically – by clicking HERE

Tadd and about 75% of those in attendance are Tarheel-crazed.  About 24% was Duke-crazy.  And, oh yeah, there were some Purdue Boilermaker crazies there.  Even SOMEONE other than me!

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  1. Tadd Grandstaff on February 18, 2008 at 10:16 pm

    Joseph, I just wanted to say thanks again bro! We had an awesome time and I really believe some lives were impacted and changed FOREVER!!

    I look forward to passing along some Pine Ridge Success Stories!

    Thanks again!!

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