C3 Conference – Dallas, TX

We just completed day one of the Church Creativity Conference at Fellowship Church in Dallas, TX.

I was challenged and encouraged.   And Perry Noble flat BROUGHT IT!

Here is why I am enjoying this conference:

  • My bride is with me
  • I am learning from fantastic leaders – proven leaders
  • I have connected with cool friends from all over the planet
  • I am forced to review my current status and ask questions.  Questions like this … How is my crusade doing?  How is my family doing?  How am I doing?  What can I do differently?  What should I do more of?  What should I stop doing?  Who am I investing in?  Who should I start investing in?  Who is my mentor?
  • Good food

Many times, during one of the classes I teach (the 2-hour Financial Learning Experience or the 6-hour Financial Freedom Experience), I see people GET IT and this finance thing finally CLICKS for them.   THAT is why I do what I do!

And at this conference, I am using this time as an opportunity to refine the crusade and maximize every single day to make a difference!  I love getting to do what I get to do!

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