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FLE in Greensboro, NC Saturday AM!

I am PUMPED to be traveling to Greensboro, NC to teach the Financial Learning Experience at Saint Pius X Church.  After the FLE is over, I will be training financial counselors through the Financial Counseling Experience.

This means that after I leave, there will be folks at Saint Pius X equipped to provide one-on-one financial counseling to their community.

That PUMPS me up.  Here is why.  If this thing is a "Joe Show", it will grow incrementally at best.  However, if this is a "Bunch of sold-out, fired up people who just want to see people win with money Show", it can grow explosively.

That. Fires. Me. Up.

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NEXT STEPS – A New Part Of The Crusade – Part 4

I am PUMPED about Next Steps, the newest division of IWBNIN.  In this series, I will be sharing different components of this division which is solely focused on providing practical next steps toward financial freedom.

Eliminate Debt

The Eliminate Debt section was developed to help folks develop a plan that will allow them to become 100% debt-free.  I was in debt up to my eyeballs, and my bride and I made a commitment in December 2002 to rid ourselves of debt.  In just fourteen months, we became debt-free except for the house and are now well on our way to eliminating the mortgage!

You can become debt-free too, and the Eliminate Debt section was prepared especially for you.

Here are the pages located in the Eliminate Debt section.

  • Debt Freedom Date  This page is focused on helping you understand your debt situation.  There are links to obtain your free credit report (it truly is FREE), calculate your debt freedom date, calculate the actual cost of your debt, and an early pay-off calculator.
  • 0% Interest Balance-Transfer Credit Cards  I am not a fan of credit cards at all, but if you are carrying a balance and paying interest – why not surf the balance to a 0% card?  That way ALL of your payment is applied toward the debt!  We have searched the internet to find cards that charge a minimal transfer fee, but allow you to transfer the balance and pay 0% interest for an entire year.  There are even a few cards that allow you to transfer the balance with no transfer fee.
  • Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars  Yes, these are also located in the Free Tools section, but for your convenience we have also located the page in the Eliminate Debt section.

Back when I was swimming in debt, I asked myself the two following questions that changed my life forever.

  • "How much do I pay each month to debt?"
  • "What else could I do with this money?"

Use the Next Steps' Eliminate Debt section to get started on your own Debt Freedom March!

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NEXT STEPS – A New Part Of The Crusade – Part 3

I am PUMPED about Next Steps, the newest division of IWBNIN.  In this series, I will be sharing different components of this division which is solely focused on providing practical next steps toward financial freedom.

Free Tools

These are the same free tools that are located via the "Tools" link here at, but they are much better organized.  We have taken this opportunity to organize the Free Tools into logical subgroups (sorry, some of my engineering nerdiness there …)

Here are some of the sections in the Free Tools section.

  • Budgeting Tools Monthly; Weekly; Bi-Weekly; Bi-Monthly; Specific Project or Event – Every budget tool you may need can be found on this page.
  • Debt Reduction Tools  Calculate your Debt Freedom Date and Actual Cost of Debt here.  You can also use the Early Pay-Off Calculator to find out how much sooner a larger payment will make a debt leave!
  • Calculators  Chances are really good that the financial calculator you need is located on this page.
  • Saving Tools  Find out how much your monthly savings can equal in a few years on this page.
  • Pay-Off Spectaculars  These are some of the most popular tools, and this page takes the spectaculars to an entirely new level.  There are now thumbnail pictures of each spectacular for you!
  • Saving Spectaculars  As with the Pay-Off Spectaculars, the Savings Spectaculars have been reorganized for ease of use.

I am PUMPED about Next Steps and the opportunity to help you take practical next steps toward financial freedom! 

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Financial Learning Experience – Two Places This Week!

I am PUMPED to be leading the Financial Learning Experience to two different places this week.


Wednesday – October 29, 2008

Where:  Foothills Community Church

Address:  505 Bountyland Rd  Westminster, SC

When:  6:30PM – 8:30PM

To Register:  Call the church at [864] 888-8008 or Register At The Door


Saturday – November 1, 2008

Where:  Saint Pius X Church

Address:  2210 N Elm St  Greensboro, NC

When:  9:30AM – 11:30AM

To Register:  Call the church at [336] 272-4681 or Register At The Door

I would love to see you there! 

NEXT STEPS – A New Part Of The Crusade – Part 2

On October 3, 2008, I announced the formation of a new division of IWBNIN called Next Steps.

For the next several days, I will be sharing some specifics about this new division.


It is my passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances so that they can be freed up to go do EXACTLY what they have been put on earth to do.

As I speak and teach about personal finances, I receive many questions like "Who do you recommend?" and "Where would you go?"  Next Steps was created to answer these questions and provide practical next steps for those seeking to take their finances to a new level.

Prepare A Plan

The "Prepare A Plan" link was created to share the key items that I believe are fundamental for a sound financial plan.  These items include:

  • Planned Spending  It is so important to have a written plan!  This link leads to a page chock full of budgeting tools.
  • Freedom From Debt  Want a huge pay raise?  Eliminate the debt payments, and it will free up a ton of money!  This link leads to the debt freedom date calculator, actual cost of debt calculator, and an early pay-off calculator.
  • Saving & Investing  I love saving and investing!  This is what will allow me to accomplish my plans, hopes, and dreams.  This page leads to links for high-interest paying on-line savings and checking accounts, mutual fund investment companies, and 529 college savings plan links..
  • Insurance  Insurance can be frustrating.  This page was created to make it easy to obtain multiple quotes with just a few minutes of effort!  The average annual savings on auto and home insurance for folks who have not obtained a new quote in the last two years is nearly $600.  That will spend just like money!
  • Leaving A Legacy  According to, 57% of Americans do not have a written will.  This means that the government will be left in charge of determining who gets what!  This page was prepared to help you get a written will at a very reasonable cost.

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FLE in Greensboro, NC this Saturday!

I am PUMPED to be carrying the crusade to Greensboro, NC this coming Saturday, November 1st!

I will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience at Saint Pius X in Greensboro.

You can register for the FLE by calling the Saint Pius X church office at [336] 272-4681.

If you are in the Greensboro area, I would love to see you there!

See other Upcoming Events where Joe will be speaking HERE.

Poured Out

I am blown away by what is happening with this crusade to help people with their money.  Simply blown away.  When I fired myself from my j.o.b. in September 2006, it was for one thing – to help others realize how easy it is to win with money and to teach the practical tools that Jenn and I used (and still use) to achieve financial freedom.

It is still all about that one thing.  I love seeing people become financially free.  I love seeing family relationships restored because the money issue is resolved.  I love seeing marriages being restored.  Watching hope rising up within the hopeless.  It is all about getting the finances straightened out so that people are able to do EXACTLY what they have been put on earth to do.

I am seeing this entire crusade explode before my eyes!  I am humbled and honored that so many people are carrying this stuff to their friends, family, and coworkers.

Who would have thought that in just two years …

I have said it countless times, but I am going to say it again.  I can not believe I get to do this for a living!  It is all about a vision and passion that God Himself poured in to me.  Since the day it happened, I have sought to pour myself out into doing EXACTLY what I have been put on this earth to do.

To all of you who have invested in this work, THANK YOU.

It is all about this one resounding mission:

To help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances so that they can go do EXACTLY what they have been put on this earth to do.

Foothills Community Church

I am excited to be speaking this morning at Foothills Community Church (Pastor Greg Oraham) in Seneca, SC.

I am PUMPED by what I hear is happening through the Foothill's ministry, and I can not wait to see it in person.

This morning, I will be delivering a message that I think is spoken about way too little.  I can't wait!

THEN, on Wednesday evening (Oct. 29) I will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience at Foothills to equip folks to take practical next steps with their finances.

Did I say lately that "I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!"?

61 Days Until Christmas!

Reminder – Christmas is only 61 days away!

Do you have a written plan for Christmas?  Do you know how much you are going to spend?  Are you going to pay cash for Christmas this year?

I HIGHLY recommend that you use the MINI-BUDGET to plan your Christmas spending this year.

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IWBNIN Home Group Study

As I wrote the Group Study that accompanies my book, I begged God that it would help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances. 

That is why I am so pumped to see what is happening with the I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. Group Study.   Right now, over one thousand people are going through this six week study as part of their home group as part of a church group.  That is unbelievable!

If your church or organization is looking for PRACTICAL and relevant teaching on personal finances, this study can work for you.

As part of the study, the team has developed an IWBNIN Group Study site to further enhance the study's effectiveness.

Check it out HERE!

Marathon Training Is Like … Investing

NOTE: If you are a runner or athlete of any type, you will know exactly what I mean by this post.

Ever had days where you feel invincible?  I had one of those days on Monday.  I went to the gym for my planned lunch hour run, and I felt incredible.  I cranked up the treadmill to a fast pace (for me), and I ran for five miles.  I felt GREAT!  I ran five miles at a pace of 7:54/mile.  No stress.  No problems.  Cake.

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you were up to your neck in concrete?  On Tuesday, I went to the gym for my planned lunch hour run, and I felt awful.  AWFUL.  I cranked up the treadmill to a speed slightly faster than a turtle could craw, and it hurt so bad.  It was dreadful.  It was so bad that I wanted to stop after running one mile.  ONE mile.  I was thinking, "If it is hurting this bad to run one mile, why on earth have I signed up to run 26.2 miles again!!?!"  I stuck it out and ended up running three miles before quitting.  It felt horrible.  Even after I had stopped, I still felt horrible.

That is exactly what it feels like when I am investing.  My money is there for the long haul, and I continue to invest because it makes a lot of sense to do so.  There are times that I want to check the investment account every day because it is going up up up up up …  There are other times that I can not even bear to look at the account.  It takes everything in me to check on it because it is going down down down down …

See marathon training is like investing!  There is a long-term pay-off even with all of the ups and downs.  At the end of all this training, I will be able to run 26.2 miles and celebrate with an awesome dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  At the end of all of this investing, I will be able to leave a legacy for my family.  There will ups.  There will be downs.  The joy of the journey and the pay-off is worth every up and down.

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Sticking With It – Single Style!

Through our one-on-one financial counseling here at NewSpring Church, we are able to help a lot of people through life-changing financial decisions.  I recently received an e-mail from a lady I met with over fourteen months ago who suggested that I share on the topic of "how singles can manage money well."  I suggested that she write the blog post, and she did.  Today, with her permission, I present it to you.


Sticking With It

I have been a fan of Joe’s for the past year because he has completely changed my life. Joe has me "marching to debt freedom." But, before I tell you more about my journey to debt freedom you should know a little bit about me. I am 26 years old, a nurse, and I owe more than $23,000 in debt. I am definitely not an expert – I’m still learning each day – but over the past year, I have stuck with budgeting and have seen the rewards.


As a twenty-something single, I know that there are unique challenges that people my age face. I wrote an email to Joe and told him that he should blog about some singles who working to be debt free. And here I am, writing about my experience. I am writing this for all of the single people out there who are struggling with debt. I really hope that my story inspires and helps motivate some of you!


To brag a little, I have to share some of my big accomplishments this year. I have paid off $9,000 towards my student loans, and, as of October 31st they will be completely paid off. Bye bye federal government! Looking back, it is so hard to believe that I was content with my original 10 year minimum payment plan. Right now, I can’t wait to delete that line from my budget!! My goal is to be debt free by November 2009!!


Budgeting was hard at first, but I stuck with it, and each month got easier and easier. I was able to predict and save for future expenses including car repairs, Christmas gifts, car taxes, vacations, and medical expenses. I often think back to how I spent the first 3 years of my nursing pay eating out and wasting money. I regret those decisions, but I’ve learned from them. No longer do I waste money!! I want to be financially free from the bondage of debt and I’m working hard to make it happen!


One of the toughest parts of budgeting and being single is not having anyone to hold me accountable. I do not have a spouse, but I have found others who are using their money wisely. I seek these people out before making financial decisions. I have read many books and prayed about money decisions.


Tithing was also a struggle for me, and I didn’t begin to tithe until I joined Newspring and realized that I needed to give back to God what already belongs to him. I grew up in a single-mom household where money was tight and learning to tithe was the hardest thing I did in my Christian walk. But, God has been faithful to me and honored that decision. Of course, giant checks have not appeared in my mailbox but I have been taken care of in small ways. For example, during this paycheck my cell phone bill was -0.63 due to Suncom switching to T-mobile,and I ended up with extra money in my pocket! God is good.

When Perry recently spoke on stewardship, God spoke to me. I had to pass up the opportunity to go on an awesome trip, but I know God will honor that. Being single there are so many great social opportunities and activities that are so hard to turn down. I have to be selective so I can be a good manager of what God has given me. As it says in Matthew 25:14-30 I want to be told “well done my good and faithful servant you have been faithful over little I will set you over much.”

I hope this helps someone out there and spurs them on toward financial freedom!

Sangl says …

For all of you singles out there, what would you add? 

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Financial Freedom Experience – This Weekend!

I am PUMPED to be teaching the longer version of the "experiences" as a weekend conference this coming Friday evening and Saturday morning.

The Financial Freedom Experience is being hosted by Moneywise, a financial ministry of Community Bible Church in Easley, SC.

The fun begins at 6:30PM on Friday evening, October 24, 2008.


Friday, October 24, 2008 6:30PM – 9:00PM 

Saturday, October 25, 2008 8:00AM – 12:00PM 


Community Bible Church – 8005 Highway 81 North   Easley, SC 29642

Cost is $20/individual or $30/family.  To register, call 864-859-2662 or click HERE.

Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars In Action

I LOVE seeing all of the ways that people are using the Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars to track their progress toward Debt Freedom.

Jeff Kapusta, pastor of Lifepoint Church (Wilmington, NC), recently posted the YouTube video below to show how his family is Marching Toward Debt Freedom.  It is worth the three minutes to watch it – and then go get your own Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars HERE.

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Dave Ramsey Rocked Catalyst

Dave Ramsey spoke at Catalyst on Friday morning.  He spoke about unity.  He is my hero.

Here are some statements that I wrote down during his message.

  • Don't talk about your problems with people who can't fix them.  That's gossip!
  • No one got anywhere by saying, "Ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim …"
  • We bale our hate mail
  • Christian hate mail ought to be an oxymoron

Dave has built a team from the ground up and now has 250 people crusading full-time to teach people how to win with money.  He is the key reason I am debt-free and able to crusade full-time to teach people how to win with money.

At the end of his message, he shared his thoughts on the economy.  His thoughts?

  • God is in control.
  • Fear is driving the market.  God is not the author of fear.
  • The market has always recovered in the past – even in extreme, dire circumstances.
  • Gold is worthless in a failed economy.  Take New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for an example.  Gold bars were worthless, but bottled water and cans of gas were unbelievably priceless currency!

Thanks, Dave, for doing what you do.  You are my hero.

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