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Training Counselors Today!

Today is a FANTASTIC day!  I get to train volunteer financial counselors at NewSpring Church.  This training is called the Financial Counseling Experience, and I am PUMPED.

Here are some key reasons I am excited about the Financial Counseling Experience:

  • There will be eight new f/c for NewSpring!  NewSpring is growing (in size AND locations).  This makes it vitally important that we continue to grow our volunteer f/c team!
  • There will be eight new f/c for other churches!  I love being able to train folks from other churches because most of them are going home to their church and starting their own financial counseling ministry.  It is awesome that this crusade gets to be a part of that!
  • The Saving Freak is assisting with the training!  The Saving Freak keeps showing up at all of my events and is one of our most active volunteer financial counselors.  He is passionate about helping equip others to go impact their communities.
  • We will be challenged.  Every time that we train financial counselors, they seem to ask super great questions that challenge us.  Being challenged means that there is a great chance that we will learn new things that we can implement in our own financial counseling ministry at NewSpring!

If you are interested in attending the Financial Counseling Experience in the future, it will be hitting the road and traveling around the nation beginning in January.  You can be put on our FCE contact list HERE if you want to be contacted each time new dates/locations are announced.

 What a fantastic day this will be!

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Marathon Training Is Like … Marching Toward Debt Freedom

Marathon training is like Marching Toward Debt Freedom.

When I first began training for this marathon, the training plan called for short three mile and four mile runs.  It was easy.  Piece of cake.  No problems.

Fast forward to two months later.  The training plan now says that I have to run 17 miles on Friday.  Not easy.  Horrible.  Why did I ever commit to do this?

That is how a lot of Debt Freedom Marches go.  In the beginning, we are all pumped up and ready to attack our debt.  The debt is going down!  We are going to body-slam the debt to the ground and call Capital One and tell them that they OWE YOU $0.26 and you are going to charge them a $35 late fee!  It is easy.  Piece of cake.  No problems.

Fast forward twelve months.  The debt is going down, but slower than we wanted it to.  An illness and some medical bills have severely slowed the Debt Freedom March.  The car has broken down not once, but twice!  A new car drives by.  It could be yours with just a few strokes of a pen and a big pile of new debt.  Not easy.  Horrible.  Not fun.

But then the day of the marathon shows up.  You have trained.  You have persevered.  You are in the best physical condition of your life.  The race goes beautifully, and you FINISH!  The feeling is INCREDIBLE!

That is EXACTLY how it feels when you emerge from your Debt Freedom March with ZERO DEBT.  It is awesome!  You have finished what you started out to do!  You have freed up a huge portion of your income that you can now give, save, spend, and invest like never before.  The feeling is INCREDIBLE!

Are you Marching Toward Debt Freedom?  Use the tools below to get started.

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Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts rattling around in my brain right now …

  • Maybe I should stop paying my bills and demand a bail-out.  It seems like everyone else is!
  • People with zero debt, a written spending plan, and a fully-funded emergency fund are able to survive down markets.
  • I am glad I have an emergency fund.
  • I am glad that I get to participate in life changing work every day that helps folks win with their money.
  • My Indianapolis Colts have righted the ship and are steaming into the playoffs.
  • My Purdue Boilermakers have sunk their ship and are steaming into …  well … the off season.
  • I am ready to shop for Christmas!
  • I want to hire a full-time financial counselor who will provide on-line financial counseling for folks who have attended an event that I have taught.
  • I am PUMPED about the Financial Counselor Training that will take place this coming Saturday!
  • The largest Swagbuck I have earned is 5.  Has anyone earned a megaSwagbuck?  (If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks you can HERE.)
  • I am ready to start my spring garden again and winter has not really even started yet!!!  ARGH!
  • The Thanksgiving turkey and duck that my mother prepares have been calling my name.  I am ready for the eats!  NO ONE prepares a Thanksgiving Feast like my Mom.

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Christmas 2008 Special

The IWBNIN Team is pumped to offer the following Christmas 2008 Special to those of you who are on this crusade to help others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances.

Through December 18th, you can purchase 10 copies of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. for $100 and shipping is FREE! To purchase these materials, just click on the the banner below!

Special has expired. Click HERE for current pricing on resources.

Thanks so much for being a part of this crusade!