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New Savings Spectacular – Disney

I was asked by a reader of this wildly popular blog (his name is Jeff from Cheyenne, WY) to prepare a Savings Spectacular for Disney.

So my team got on it – and it is HERE!


There is NOTHING like going to Disney and paying cash for the entire trip!

Saving up for something?  See if we have a Savings Spectacular for it HERE.  If we don't have it, send us an e-mail and ask for it!

Opportunities To Become A Financial Counselor – Graham, NC and Conway, SC

If you have been wanting to be trained as a financial counselor, your next opportunities are:


Graham, NC – Pine Ridge Church is the host

Conway, SC – The Rock Church is the host

Find out more and register HERE.

Small Business Class – June 3, 2009

I have been teaching a multi-part small business class through the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce.  My next class is on June 3, 2009 from 8:30AM – 10:30AM.

The title of this session is:

Understanding The Financial Impact Of Business Decisions

Using Income Statements and Pro Forma Income Statements To Make Business Decisions

I have found pro forma income statements to be one of the most valuable tools I have used when making business decisions.  Whether I was considering the purchase of new equipment, relocating, adding staff, or eliminating a product line, pro forma income statements helped me make the wisest possible decision.

I am looking forward to teaching this session!

For more information and to register, click HERE.

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Money Magazine Article – Estate Planning

I read several personal finance websites/blogs every day, but CNNMoney is my favorite when it comes to future planning.

If you plan on being completely broke the rest of your life and will not be leaving an inheritance for your children's children, then you do not need to read this article.

If you DO plan on leaving an inheritance for your children's children, then you should definitely read THIS ARTICLE.

My thoughts on the article:

  • Plans must be flexible and reviewed regularly
  • I can't believe that there is a 45% tax rate on inheritance money.  It seems that there is definitely a push to prevent people from practicing financial frugality.
  • I love giving to charities, and I have included charities in my will.  Have you?  Or do you even have a will?
  • I like the practical steps WITH EXAMPLES that Carolyn offers.  I am a practical learner which means I need more than theory.

Thanks, Carolyn Bigdo, for a great article!

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Thank You.

The response to the HIGH SCHOOL MONEY BOOK series was unbelievable.  I know I have not been able to respond to every single one of you who contributed, but I want to say how incredible it is to have a community of people who are passionate enough about reaching the next generation with strong personal finance teaching that you took the time out of your schedule to write.

Thank you.  I am humbled by your kindness.

I can not WAIT to see how this project turns out!

Haven't read the HIGH SCHOOL MONEY BOOK series?  It's not too late to contribute!  Check the series out HERE.