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What Would You Do With $250,000?

I asked this question on Twitter the other day, and the response was INCREDIBLE!

Here are some of the responses:

jasonarredondo said …  @jsangl make a budget!

jaqbaldwin said …  @jsangl easy…. pay off all my debt. buy a house. invest the rest.

DanaTJenkins said …  @jsangl Theres a beautiful church building for sale downtown for $200K ; it was built in 1899; I'd buy it for our church to have a cool home

rodgray said …  @jsangl If I had $250,000 I would gladly give it ALL away! 🙂

MarkAsbell said …  @jsangl I would tithe $25k, invest $100k, give $10k away to someone deserving, pay off my mortgage, & buy you some new shoes & shirts 🙂    (Sangl says: I have never been accused of being a fashion expert)

thejrod said … @jsangl Payoff house & student loans!

JamieSalmon said … @jsangl Tithe. Give away another 10%. Pay off all debt, mine and friends.

_scotto_ said …  @jsangl in TX gave $Ks to people n need…heard people gave over what the church did for people's lives to change! AMAZING!!!

WayneCordova said …  @jsangl tithe, save, payoff, give some more, home, nice date/cruise, Kindle, iPhone 3GS 🙂

Some humorous ones were:

MiloDavid said …  @jsangl buy scratch tickets 🙂

tptate said …  @jsangl crap my pants, tithe, pay off debt, buy new pants

What would YOU do with $250,000?

Sangl Parents – 50th Anniversary

My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary today.

They had six children – all boys.  They ended the family with identical twins – boys, of course, and I was Baby #2.  I am the baby by seven minutes.

Congratulations Mom and Dad Sangl!  You are wonderful parents who mean the world to me and my bros.

Here are ten reasons I love my parents:

  1. They gave six boys the opportunity to grow up on a farm in the country – no better living than that!
  2. They were both up at the crack of dawn and worked like crazy – Dad with his homebuilding business – Mom with the family.  I never heard them complain.
  3. We were required to work hard – early and often.  We knew nothing different, and only recognized the full value of this when we grew up.
  4. We went to church (sometimes four times a week) – and rarely missed a service – instilling strong values.
  5. We managed to go on vacation once a year (usually fishing) – even when the budget was tight.
  6. My dad once sold his beloved John Deere tractor as a necessary step in bridging a budget gap – he was willing to make sacrifices for the family and the business.
  7. My dad was born and raised on the Minnesota/Iowa border and my mom was born and raised around Indianapolis.  We traveled often and saw a lot of sights – every trip was instrumental in my education.
  8. They taught me the value of a dollar.  We canned 100 quarts of green beans and froze over 100 bags of sweet corn at a time during the summer to make the budget work.
  9. They are hilarious.  They built themselves a new house almost all by themselves in their late 60s.  You should have seen my dad putting the decking on the roof.  It involved a truck, roller skates, pullies, boards, and rope.
  10. They have loved each other through thick and thin – and refused to give in when many would give up.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad.  You are awesome parents!

Financial Freedom Experience – Saturday Conference

I am excited to be partnering with Pastor Barry Rice and Greater Orlando Church in Orlando, Florida to teach the one-day Financial Freedom Experience conference on Saturday, September 19!

Make plans NOW to attend this life-changing conference.

Participants will learn:

  • Planning for life
  • How to develop a spending plan that works
  • Strategies for eliminating debt
  • The date they will become debt-free
  • Amount of money needed for retirement
  • The power of compound interest
  • Investing for college, retirement, and dreams
  • How mutual funds work
  • Insurance
  • Money saving tips that save HUNDREDS!

I would LOVE to see you there!

Click to REGISTER.

10 Reasons I Love Debt Freedom

10 Reasons I Love Debt Freedom

  1. I remember what it was like to be in debt
  2. I do not mail all of my money off to a bank every month
  3. Able to give more money away
  4. Able to save more money
  5. Able to spend more money
  6. Equipped to absorb "life happens" events – like surgery, unexpected Baby Sangl miracle, appliance failure, and car breakdowns
  7. Able to focus on the long-term with our decision-making
  8. Less STRESS!
  9. We earn money with our money instead of paying others for money we have borrowed
  10. Having to pay cash forces us to wait – which forces us to demand a deal for all of our purchases

Would you add any reasons?

Read recent posts Couponing Class SOLD OUT! But …

I am BLOWN AWAY that the Couponing Class that is coming to Anderson, SC on Wednesday, September 16th has SOLD OUT two weeks in advance.  That is 200 people who are ready to save a ton of money on groceries – the third largest expenditure on most household budgets!  It is going to be a great night!

I had Keri (IWBNIN Project Leader) contact Jenny ( founder) and ask (beg) her to teach another class the following evening.

She agreed!  Then we needed a location and Pastor Mark Gasque at Hope Fellowship Church has graciously allowed us to use their facility.  So that means that YOU still have the opportunity to participate in this outstanding class.

The class is going to book incredibly fast – so don't delay if you are wanting to be a part of this!  Click HERE to register.


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