Budget Booster Update – Swagbucks

I first wrote about Swagbucks back in November 2008 when I first signed up for the program.   Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google, Ask, or Bing with one key exception – they PAY you to search!!!   Every so often, they reward you with a Swagbuck (or Swagbucks) when you search.   The Swagbuck is their own currency, and they can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise.

I just redeemed my Swagbucks for another $20 Target gift card.   So far, I have personally earned 389 Swagbucks!   It takes 235 Swagbucks to obtain a $20 Target gift card.   It is FREE money!   YES!

Here is a great feature of this program.   Once you register, you can refer your friends.   For their first 100 Swagbucks, you can earn a matching Swagbuck!

You can check it out and register HERE.

NOTE: We have a TON of additional “Budget Boosters” located on the Next Steps site – I would recommend you start with the Top 5 Lists!

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