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THIS WEEKEND: New River Community Church Lake Wylie SC

I am FIRED UP and extremely honored to speak at New River Community Church this weekend!   I will be speaking during the Saturday evening 6PM service, the Sunday 9:15AM, 10:15AM, and 11:15AM services.   Then I will be teaching the Financial Learning Experience at 3PM.   You can register for the Financial Learning Experience HERE.   The registration page is really basic, but create an account and register (or just show up – its free!).

Budget Booster Update – Swagbucks

I first wrote about Swagbucks back in November 2008 when I first signed up for the program.   Swagbucks is a search engine just like Google, Ask, or Bing with one key exception – they PAY you to search!!!   Every so often, they reward you with a Swagbuck (or Swagbucks) when you search.   The Swagbuck is their own currency, and they can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise.

I just redeemed my Swagbucks for another $20 Target gift card.   So far, I have personally earned 389 Swagbucks!   It takes 235 Swagbucks to obtain a $20 Target gift card.   It is FREE money!   YES!

Here is a great feature of this program.   Once you register, you can refer your friends.   For their first 100 Swagbucks, you can earn a matching Swagbuck!

You can check it out and register HERE.

NOTE: We have a TON of additional “Budget Boosters” located on the Next Steps site – I would recommend you start with the Top 5 Lists!

Free Samples

Like everyone else – I LOVE A DEAL!   I wrote the “I Was Broke” part of my book by always paying full price for items.   I was able to write the “Now I’m Not” part by demanding a deal.

I have been learning a lot about obtaining great deals from The Saving Freak.

One way to save money is try out free samples.   A good site to check out is Shop4Freebies (link has expired).

Since Jenn and I are expecting a baby boy in early February, I signed up for a bunch of free diaper samples!

Hope you find some deals!

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5 Reasons To Lead A Personal Finance Study – Part 5

In this series, I am sharing five reasons to lead the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. personal finance study at your church or business.

Part 5 Schools Are Not Teaching It Enough

Most people I meet had “one or none” classes that taught personal finances.   I personally had one class and it was called “Home Economics”.   It was about the home economy, but we only learned how to make no-bake cookies (which we didn’t even put in the oven!).

I am guessing that you would not be excited about leading a group study about calculus or geometry, but helping people with such a practical and potentially life-changing skill set is tremendously rewarding!   We can complain all we want about the schools not teaching it, but that does not address the fact that most of us are not still in school and need to learn it now.

Thank you so much for reading this series!   You can be a part of this effort by leading the I Was Broke. Now I’m not. Group Study.   You can learn more about the study and purchase kits HERE.

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Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK – William G. Bliss

Let’s face it.   If you are a Christian leader, it can be difficult to connect biblical principles to practical application in the workforce.   In an arena where “what is right” gets clouded with “what is best” and both of those can be driven by “what is most financially beneficial to us”, it is important to have clear knowledge of how to PRACTICALLY APPLY biblical principles.

I met with Bill last summer to talk about growing the crusade, and during our conversation I learned that he had a book manuscript that he wanted to have published.   As he told me more about it, I KNEW that I HAD to help him get the book to market.   So our organization published it for him.

If you are a business leader or you know someone who is, this book is perfect for them.   Bill teaches the biblical principle and then provides PRACTICAL APPLICATION tools to ensure that it is able to be placed into practice.   With chapters titled “Setting A Vision”, “Quiet Time & Prayer”, “Servant Leadership”, “Communication”, “Leadership Development”, “Setting Expectations”, and “Stewardship” – you can see how this book can help!

A line from Leadership Lessons From THE BOOK stands out to me:   “As one moves higher up on the leadership ladder, the skill at building trusting relationships becomes much more important than the continued development of a functional skill such as science, engineering, or finance.”

I recommend this book not just because I published it, but because it has personally helped me in growing IWBNIN!

You can check it out, read the intro, and purchase copies for you and your team HERE.