Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular – August 2010

Every month there will be an update of Joe & Jenn’s Home Pay-Off Spectacular!

Here’s this month’s update!

Total Squares:   2,426

Paid-For Squares:   857 863

Squares Remaining:   1569 1563

% of House Owned By The Sangl’s:   35.4% 35.6%

% of House Owned By Wells Fargo:   64.6% 64.4%

Here is the updated Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular

Blog Sangl Family Pay-Off Spectacular - Analysis 2010-08

Another six squares paid off this month.   We are debating major options on this home pay-off plan.   Options that may eliminate the mortgage entirely …   Things to make the readers go, “I wonder what Sangl has cookin’?”

How are you doing on YOUR house payoff spectacular?   If you do not have one, you can get one here => Pay Off Spectacular – House.

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