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What Can We Do To Help You Most?

It is my stated passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible.

In other words, our entire team is committed to helping YOU win with your finances in such a way that you are able to pay your bills, free yourself of debt, and fund dreams. Because this is our calling, we are passionate about this! We believe in you and know that you can do this.

Because of our passion to serve you, we are always interested in hearing from you about resources and tools that would better help you to in your journey to financial freedom. So today, we want to hear from YOU regarding this question:

QUESTION: What resources and tools would better help you to win with your money?

We are going to take your feedback and do everything we can to create and build resources to meet those needs.


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Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

It is an honor to serve you and to be a part of your financial journey.

We wish you a wonderful time with family and friends!

Joe & Jenn Sangl

Top Ways To Prevent The “Fiscal Cliff” From Impacting YOU

It seems like the words “fiscal cliff” are mentioned every few minutes on every news broadcast I read, see, or hear.

This “fiscal cliff” is a combination of expiring tax reductions/exemptions, increasing insurance and living costs, as well as a faltering economy. Just hearing the way that news people are discussing it is enough to make one fearful – even if we don’t even know what the “fiscal cliff” really entails. Here are some ways to prevent the “fiscal cliff” from impacting you:

  1. Maintain substantial financial margin.  There is nothing like having money in the bank for emergencies and to cover surprise expenses. It also allows you to better handle a job layoff.
  2. Lock in low interest rates. They are at record lows right now. It seems unlikely they will decrease further.
  3. Prepare and live by a budget. This allows you to maximize every dollar you have and ensures you will immediately recognize increases in prices being passed on to you.
  4. Own paid-for fixed assets. When you own your home with no debt, you have secured your housing situation – regardless of the economy. When you own your car with no debt, you have secured your transportation – regardless of the economy.
  5. Run all news reports through a “does this make sense?” filter. The media exists in large part these days to deliver “zinger” news. They want to shock you into listening. And, guess what? FEAR sells TV. Half of what I hear the media talking about is bogus “fear-mongering” nonsense.

We certainly are living in challenging times, but it has always been that way! Life itself is challenging, and that’s what makes it AWESOME!

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That’s Just Not My Style

One of the great things about travel is that I have the joy and privilege of meeting people from all walks of life. Some are incredibly amazing. Others are brilliant. Some are absolutely crazy.

I. Love. It. Everyone of them. I LOVE PEOPLE!

It is clear that we are all different. Occasionally I receive feedback from a participant at one of our Financial Learning Experiences (you should come to one! View our speaking schedule HERE) that goes like this: “Joe, I loved this event. It was very inspiring, but I’m not sure I can do this becauseit’s just not my style.”

“That’s just not my style.”


  1. This is going to cause me to change, and change is tough. It is indeed.
  2. It is hard to say, “No!” It is indeed.
  3. I’m not a detail-oriented person, so taking time to plan my spending is going to be a challenge. It will indeed.

A phrase that continually applies to my life is this: “What got me here won’t get me there.”

If I truly want to continue to grow and experience ongoing success,I must change.

If you are a person who has said something like “I can’t budget because that’s just not my style.” I urge you to acknowledge the difficulty required to change and then EMBRACE IT!

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Have You Achieved Your 2012 Financial Goals?

Two Simple Questions Today:

  1. What were the financial goals you set for 2012?
  2. Did you achieve them?

Would you share your answers with me in the comments? Also, it would be incredible to hear how our team could better help you with achieving your 2013 financial goals!

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A Scary Moment

Have you ever experienced a scary moment? I mean an “I think I might die” moment? I had one of those last week.

My bride and I were headed to New York City last week to attend a conference. As soon as our plane left the ground, a heavy odor (smelled like jet fuel?) went through the aircraft and nearly immediately thereafter, an alarm began ringing in the front area of the jet. The flight attendant burst up from her seat to check it out. With the alarm still ringing, she turned around with a panicked expression and raced to the back of the jet. She then raced back to the front. For about 90 seconds, there was some panic on the aircraft.

While the flight attendant was trying to determine what was going on in the cabin, the pilots leveled off the plane at low altitude and immediately banked back toward the airport. The flight attendant (nearly out of breath) informed us that the fire alarm had went off, but no visible issues existed and that we would be making an emergency landing shortly. Thankfully, we landed safely and were immediately greeted by airport fire personnel. We even made the local news.

After calming down and processing through everything we experienced, here are some random thoughts I had during and following this event:

  • In the midst of it, I prayed out loud to Jesus. It allowed me to remain calm.
  • As crazy as it sounds, in the brief few moments of panic, I was not scared of dying. My thoughts were focused instead on the sadness of not being able to hug and raise my children.
  • I knew that my bride and I have taken care of our family as best as we can by having: (a) a written will, (b) life insurance, and (c) clear guidance on regarding our children and assets.
  • I was attempting to utilize my engineering degree to determine what altitude we needed to be at in order to glide back to the airport (I am so glad we didn’t have to rely on that knowledge!)
  • Life is very fragile, and I really have very little control over it – other than to LIVE IT FULLY while I am alive!
  • It was important for me to get right back onto another airplane – getting right back onto the proverbial “horse that kicked me off” – so that fear did not gain a foothold.
  • My little boy thought the fire truck pictures were so cool.
  • I still love planes.
  • I don’t want to experience that type of situation ever again.

By the way, the airline was INCREDIBLE at taking care of everyone. They obviously had a well-planned and thought-out crisis management process. They sent me an incredibly well-written email that showed they had full knowledge of what happened, empathy for the fear that could have been experienced, and a commitment to make it right to the best of their ability.

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Are You Receiving The Full 401(k) Match From Your Employer?

Here is a question that could literally be worth $1 million or more to you:

“Are you receiving the full 401(k) match from your employer?”

Or 403(b), Roth-401(k), Roth-403(b), 457, SIMPLE IRE, RRSP, TFSA, CPP, or TSP match?

Regardless of your company’s retirement plan, you should KNOW that you are receiving any and all of the company’s matching contribution! The sad fact is that many people have no idea about their company’s matching. As a result, they do not receive the FREE money the company willingly matches!

Let’s say you are 30 years old and are earning $40,000 per year and contributing 3% of your income to your company retirement plan. Your company matches your contribution “dollar-for-dollar (or 100%)” up to 6% of your pay. This would mean that you would be missing out on 3% of your salary in FREE MONEY that the company would match in your retirement account.

If you received pay raises of 2% each year, the total amount of matching contributions that you would miss out on receiving would add up to $67,338! If you consider a 10% growth rate on your investment, this $67,338 would actually be worth $529,231!!!

The decision to NOT contribute enough to obtain the full company match would be worth more than HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS!

ACTION #1:Go to your Human Resources/Benefits coordinator RIGHT NOW and ensure you are contributing enough to receive the full company match!

ACTION #2: Tell ALL of your co-workers about it and help ensure they do the same!


You may not remember my name 35 years from now, but you will definitely have more cash in your hand if you do this!

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I Want To Hear Your Story

Back in 2002, I realized that having an average bank balance of $4.13 was not the definition of financial success. I resolved to do something about it. Through the application of advice from financial mentors, reading the money wisdom found in the Bible, and much diligence, my bride and I become financially free. It changed my life so much that I wrote a book about it: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not.

My goal with the book was NOT to become a financial guru or expert. It was simply to tell my story and then share the tools that worked for me. In other words, I wanted it to share my “painful situation,” and then provide practical tools and tips that worked for me. It was what made my life’s passion “to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible” come to life!

The success we have experienced makes me want to produce additional books and resources for people who are experiencing other painful situations. In other words, I want to start a franchise with the “Now I’m Not.” series (similar to the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” franchise)

For example, it would be incredible to have a book written for those who are wrestling with addiction. The title would be I Was Addicted. Now I’m Not. Can you imagine the help this could provide others who are currently waging their own battle with this horrific life issue?

Here are some titles I have thought of:

  1. I Was Addicted. Now I’m Not.
  2. I Was Fat. Now I’m Not.
  3. I Was Lost. Now I’m Not.
  4. I Was Unemployed. Now I’m Not.
  5. I Was Lonely. Now I’m Not.
  6. I Was Depressed. Now I’m Not.

If you have one of these life change stories, we would be interested in hearing more about it. We might even publish your book and help launch your own organization to help others experience the freedom and hope you have!


Can’t see the form? If so, click HERE to view it!
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Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular – December 2012

Every month there will be an update of Joe & Jenn’s Home Pay-Off Spectacular!

Here’s this month’s update!

Total Squares:  2,426

Paid-For Squares:  1329  1420

Squares Remaining:  1097 1006

% of House Owned By The Sangl’s:  54.8%  58.5%

% of House Owned By Wells Fargo:  45.2%  41.5%

Here is the updated Sangl Home Pay-Off Spectacular (click to view large size)

As I sharedover the last two months, things were going to get really interesting around the Home Pay-Off Spectacular over these next few updates. We were able to color in 91 squares this month! We are positioning ourselves to accomplish what once seemed impossible – paying off our house before the age of 40. Let’s see what next month holds!

YOU can do this too! Start your own home pay-off spectacular using our free tool here => Pay Off Spectacular – House.

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