30 minutes to a financial disaster

Sign observed at car dealership:
“Financing in less than 30 minutes”

“Destroy all progress you have made in getting control of your finances in under 30 minutes.”

I do not spend little money. When I spend money, I tend to spend it on larger ticket items. Some specific items include airline tickets, hotel, travel, my RC airplane, and vehicles. Before making the choice to make our finances a priority, I would not confer with Jenn. I would just go buy it. Capital One had my slack. I really did think about the cost of the item, and I usually felt I could pay it off that month. I really felt that my spending was under control. The facts show another story. The facts show a large credit card balance that did not get paid off every month. The facts show that what I felt was NOT fact.

I have worked hard to gain control of my finances. Jenn and I have worked together to get out of debt. It has been more than three years since we made the choice to control our spending. Even so, my old spending buddy (my shadow) creeps in with the evening shadows. “Come on, man! Live a little. You can afford it! You can make the payment. Really, man. Just do it!”

You know what? I do not want “Financing in less than 30 minutes” I do not need their financing. I made the choice a long time ago to never do debt again. It may not be 100% fun to live in my world, but I will tell you this – I’m not broke anymore!

Have you made your choice?

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