5 Ways To Ensure Your Budget Won’t Work

My budget is the reason my family stopped being broke and began winning with money. As a spender, one might think I would be opposed to the restrictions of a budget, but the opposite is true: my budget gave me freedom! Yet many people operate their finances without a planned budget. They are hoping to prosper, but that is a tall order without a written plan.

Since many people resist the idea of a budget, I will share five proven ways to ensure a budget won’t work.

5 Ways To Ensure Your Budget Won’t Work

  1. Don’t prepare a budget  This is the top proven way to ensure your budget won’t work! Just “hope” that it somehow works out.
  2. Be unrealistic  Decide to spend only $4 on groceries this month and ignore the fact that your children are growing like weeds by putting $0 in the clothing category.
  3. Don’t include Known, Upcoming Non-Monthly Expenses  Ensure that landmines are established for your budget by failing to save for known, upcoming non-monthly expenses like Christmas, vacation, property taxes, insurance premiums and deductibles, and home and auto repairs.
  4. Don’t allow your spouse to help  Believe (the lie) that your spouse is the reason you aren’t winning with money and prepare the budget on your own and demand they follow it without any question. You will ensure your budget doesn’t work.
  5. Be impulsive  Give in to salesperson’s great sales pitch and buy the shiny item. It is so pretty, and they told you that it is necessary to own the item to be happy. What they didn’t tell you is it would ensure your budget won’t work and keep you broke.

If you really DO want your budget to work, I recommend you start HERE.

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