70 Days Until Christmas!

We are only 70 days from Christmas!   This is a KNOWN, UPCOMING EXPENSE.   Ignoring known, upcoming expenses is one of the number one reasons that budgets fail.

You have 70 days until Christmas, but really probably only 40 or so to save for it.   Have you committed to pay cash for Christmas this year?   Share your progress!

If you have saved nothing for Christmas so far, what steps are you going to take to avoid debt?

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  1. Nancy on October 18, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Hi Joe! I just returned home from your seminar at Emmanuel Wesleyan Church, Salisbury, MD. Christmas:
    It is paid for already! Approximately 18 years ago, I opened up a Christmas Club acct @ my Credit Union. I have been able to increase the amt through the years to keep up w/ inflation so that for the last couple of years the amount has not changed. When the money comes due, my daughter and I go Christmas Shopping. This year what is left over goes into her college fund as THAT is NOT paid for YET! I only have 2 credit cards left to pay off–clothing. I am single Mom and sometimes clothing/shoes have been an emergency around here. But, I am working on the snowball effect for both of them. I started w/3 total and down to 2. I have about 4savings accts each designated for different things. Have acct for car maint/repair/replacement;drive ’99 Toy Camry that must last until it can be paid for w/cash as so tired of paying interest since not really earning any w/ depressed/recessed interest rates. I do have a couple of things on my action/to do list from your talk. I can honestly say that living on a budget is no easy task; seems to get better w/ practice. After all it is a way of life/lifestyle change. I started out w/ the Larry Burkett series of books; did the Bible Study How to Manage Your Money/workbook. Now I have learned of your website. Better sign off. Thank you for your time. I have to go FIND A DEAL….

  2. Cindy Gowan on October 19, 2009 at 5:51 am


    I budget on a 4 week cycle, so the months that have 5 weeks – that money is applied to either Christmas or Vacation. This covers the majority of the expenses, if I need a little extra, I still have the savings to fall back on.

    Thanks for all the assistance provided through your class and Newspring and your website!


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