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I just bought another $100 gift certificate from Restaurant.com for $8!

For those of you who have attended a Financial Learning Experience, chances are that you have heard me talk about Restaurant.com.   Here is why this is an AMAZING deal!

  • I like eating at restaurants.
  • I love a great deal.
  • I love eating at restaurants while also getting a great deal.

For example, I love Sullivan’s Metropolitan Grill in my hometown of Anderson, SC.   UNBELIEVABLE food – desserts are off the charts   (I recommend the peanut butter pie with a cup of coffee).

Anyway, they are participating in Restaurant.com.   Here is how it works.

I can purchase a gift certificate for $25 off at Sullivan’s.   The gift certificate normally costs $10, but with the current PROMO CODE of “SUMMER” I get 80% off – so the certificate cost me $2.

I have to spend $35.   Let’s do the math – shall we?

$35 spent minus the $25 off gift certificate – Total: $10 + tip

I paid $2 for   the gift certificate – Total: $12 + tip

For a $35 meal, I paid $12 plus tip.   That is cheaper than McDonald’s and the food and dining experience is light years better.

Check out the restaurants participating in your area HERE.

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  1. Brian Dodd on June 21, 2010 at 5:41 pm


    I just got a $10 coupon to our favorite Mexican restaurant for .80. Awesome!!


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