A Choice

I meet so many people who are believing something that is completely false and untrue.

They believe that their financial situation determines their dreams.

They will dispute this, of course, but their ACTIONS (which speak way louder than words) indicate otherwise.  I tend to look past the rhetoric to see a real indication of belief.

I’ve found that I have been susceptible to this as well!  We are so good at self-deception.

For example, here are some situations I have seen a person say that they:

  • Really want to be debt-free, but they continue to spend money without a budget!
  • Really want to be debt-free, yet they pull the plastic out to charge items not in the budget!
  • Want to improve their marriage, but they refuse to work with their spouse to plan their finances.
  • Believe they can take a dream trip, but no money is saved for the trip.
  • Want to start a business, but have never started the first step toward it because the challenge is so intimidating and daunting.

I’ve determined that I am going to pursue every dream given me.  I will surely fail at some of them, but the successes are so very worth it!

You have a choice – TODAY – to write down your dreams or to never write them down.

You have a choice – TODAY – to write down dreams regardless of the cost or to write down only the dreams you know you can afford.

You have a choice – TODAY – which will you choose?

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  1. Sheri on February 2, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Agreed, Joe. It sure would help if unexpected expenses would stop popping up. I’m trying to save that first $1000. It’s a process. I will keep praying and working at it. Great meeting you at Central in Vegas last month! God Bless you for all you do for Him and others!

  2. RobS on February 9, 2012 at 11:38 am

    Many of these statements come from people with weak desire but no plan. With a strong desire, a plan is formed, and with discipline, that plan is carried out.

    Writing it down is a great suggestion.

    Honestly, I’m meeting people every day that really don’t want to change. Those people, like the US government, will continue on the same course until they have that moment where they scream, “I’ve had it!” and seek real help and solutions and get serious.

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