A Pay Raise Success Story Launches New Series!

I met with a couple back in November 2007 and helped them put together a spending plan that balanced to EXACTLY ZERO.  They left encouraged because they saw that they could pay all of their bills on time and start to get ahead with their finances.

Even more so, they clearly understood that INCOME – OUTGO = EXACTLY ZERO.  They went to work on the OUTGO, but one of them saw the power of additional INCOME and obtained a part-time second job that actually works really well with their family schedule.

A part-time job is a great way to catch up and launch a financial plan toward success!  Well, recently I had the opportunity to meet with them again and help them take the next steps toward financial freedom.  As I spoke with the couple, I asked if they had sought any pay raises lately.

They had not.  I told them that they should consider doing so.

The result?  He told me that he went to his manager and asked to set up a time to discuss his pay.  The manager did not want to set up a time.  Instead, he just gave him a 12% pay raise!!!

YAY!  That will help pay some bills and put some cash in savings!

So with that, I am launching a new series tomorrow called "Negotiate A Pay Raise".

This should be fun!

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