A Sangl Weekend

Jenn and I have Friday and Saturday off (our crusade week is Sunday through Thursday).

We have had this schedule for over a year, and it is still very odd to have Friday off!

Here are some thoughts and events that took place this weekend:

  • Purdue University beat Iowa in football to become bowl eligible for the 10th time in 11 years.  Previous to Joe Tiller's arrival, Purdue had been to a whopping 5 bowl games in the previous 105 years!  Thank you Joe Tiller!!!
  • I went grocery shopping with my daughter, Melea.  Of course, I brought the cash envelope with me.
  • Melea brought her cash envelope as well – to purchase a cactus!  She ended up buying two since the helpful Wal-Mart staff directed us to a full selection that was half of the price of those next to the check out station.  The 1/2-price area was outside and chilly.  Makes me wonder how many times I have bought something for twice the price simply because I did not stop to look around.
  • I wonder when my deer will be processed so I can have deer burgers?
  • I dug up the frost-sensitive bulbs from my flower beds so that I would not lose the $100 or more worth of flowers that I planted last spring.  I had Melea help me.  We found a really nice LIVE specimen of black widow spider guarding her egg sac.
  • I really enjoy balancing the checkbook and savings accounts.  Please don't tell Jenn, but I actually stall around while doing so to make the process last longer.  "Joe, are you ready to mow the lawn?"  "NOPE!  I am still balancing the check book."
  • My ten year old truck blew its manifold gasket.  I could care less what the problem is.  I just want to know "When can I get my truck back?"  It is AWESOME to have an emergency fund!  I talked about the emergency fund in the "Pay Off Debt" series.  You can read the specific article on my emergency fund HERE and the entire series HERE.
  • My house is 30 years old.  It has 30 year old house problems.  I don't like 30 year old house problems.  Then I thought, I am 33 years old.  I have 33 year old problems.  I don't like 33 year old problems.  Sounds like I have a good pity party in store for me!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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