A Shot In The Arm

I recently received the below e-mail, and with the writer's permission I am sharing it with you today.

We melted/torched our credit cards last year and last month I sent you pics of my red truck we sold and the "Green Hornet" truck we were given (see HERE).  ANYWAY… just wanted to share a thought.  On October 23rd [husband] had a hunting accident.  The muzzleloader he was using went off as he was loading it.  The ramrod and bullet blasted through his hand, fingers and upper arm.  Long story short, he will be okay.  Possibly will lose a finger, but thank God as we all know it could have been MUCH worse!  The thought I wanted to share, is that while I was sitting through all the ER stuff and waiting for surgery outcome, etc it popped into my mind that our emergency/savings fund is (was!) only in [Husband's] name!  It's an account he's had for years through his credit union and the savings just go directly there on payday, we'd never really though about it much.  We had always thought of emergencies as maybe the fridge dying or the truck transmission going out 🙂  You can imagine the endless 'what if' scenarios playing in my mind sitting in the hospital those 2+ days.  Yes we have corrected this issue and now both names are on the account.  I just wanted to share how important it is to make sure BOTH names are on the emergency/savings fund account!!  You never know…

Sangl says …  YIKES!  I am so glad that Husband is OK!  The point about having access to the bank account is an excellent point to consider.  This is why my bride and I have joint accounts.

Do you have an emergency game plan?

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