American Idol versus Personal Finances

Let me ask you question:

Do you know more about American Idol (or insert your other favorite TV show) than you do about personal finances?

If you do, how messed up is that?

Here’s the news flash – American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Glee, Your Favorite Sports Team, Cake Boss, and Pawn Stars are not going to change your life.   Managing your personal finances well CAN affect your life in a HUGE way.

If this is you, TODAY is the day that you make “managing your money well” your TOP PRIORITY.

If this is you, I would love for you to email me HERE and tell me what your next big financial step is!

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  1. Ginny on March 28, 2011 at 11:59 am

    I have a question that has nothing to do with this, but would like to know more about it. My husband and I are getting ready to diversify our investing a little bit. What are some of the best “beginning” options with little/no risk? Also, are there systems available to keep these accounts organized? What recommendations, tips or suggestions do you have when it comes to investing? Anything is very much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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