An Open Letter to Business Leaders and Pastors

Dear Business Leader/Pastor,

As a leader, you encounter people who are in financial trouble. Statistics show that over 70% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. OVER SEVENTY PERCENT!

What does this mean for you, and why should this matter?

For business leaders, it has been shown that people who are struggling financially have lower productivity, are prone to attendance issues, and are unsatisfied with their pay – believing their pay is the reason for their financial hardship.

For pastors, people who struggle financially also struggle spiritually. People are unable to give as they would like because of their financial situation.

I have a question for you:  What are you doing to financially equip your people?

Business Leaders: Do you just push their issues under the carpet and chuckle about the “OT” hogs? Perhaps you abdicate responsibility by saying, “We are a business, not an educational institution.” or “We can’t tell our people what to do with their money.”

Pastors: Do you teach about giving the full tithe, pushing non-givers into complete shame and guilt, without offering a way to make it happen? Do you share that “God says to ‘test me in this’”? or “Just give and God will make up the difference?”

WE MUST EQUIP PEOPLE! If we do not, who will? Marketers and salespersons providing a commercial to “buy our stuff and you will be happy” every six minutes!

I am on a CRUSADE to help people with their finances! I cannot simply stand by and watch others struggle with their finances the way I did! I cannot simply stand by and see others struggle KNOWING there is A BETTER WAY! I travel the planet to proclaim this, and I want to help you! Here are ways our team can help you:

Financial Learning Experience A 2 hour event, designed to fit your staff, congregation, and employee needs. It is a practical experience focused on the “how-to” of money management. It has been our honor to teach this to nearly 250,000 people over the past five years! Click HERE to start the conversation about a partnership.

Group Studies: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. (for adults) and What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter The Real World. (for high school/college students thru 20-somethings) Equip people to win with their money – regardless of their age! You can view the first video lesson and study questions for FREE by clicking HERE.

FREE TOOLS:  We have nearly 100 free tools via “Free Tools” and also offer a free App for Apple and Android products!

Keynote Speaking: It is quite an honor to be able to speak over 120 times per year! Click HERE to fill out a speaking request for your special event.

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