April Budget Reminder

It is time to prepare your budget for the month of April!

Here are few tips for this month:
• The FREE BUDGET TOOLS are located HERE
• Major Expenses Coming Up Soon? Graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are next month. Father’s Day and a lot of weddings are in June. Are you traveling anytime in the next few months? These could add up to major expenses, and you could lessen the financial impact by beginning to save for them in April’s budget!
• Consider clothing. The weather is awesome, but all of the clothes from last summer will no longer fit the kids since they have grown like weeds! Be sure to put some money in the plan for this expense!
• Will. Why not make this THE MONTH that you get a will? Set up a meeting with an attorney or go to an online provider of will kits like LegalZoom.com or USLegalForms.com

Two questions for you:
1. What are some other unusual budget items that you will encounter in April?
2. What are some “wins” that you experienced during the month of March?

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  1. Denise Moon on April 2, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I “found” some money in March. I was paying late fees on everything as I was juggling to keep afloat. Turns out, it could sometimes add up to 160.00 a month.
    I automated my bills (many of them) and that frees up the 160.00 a month.
    Thanks for the information!/ Take care/ Denise

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