Are You A Leader?

You are a leader.

Did you know that?

You might be the leader of a business, charity, church, school, club, or a family.

The titles vary. Here are a few:

  • Father
  • Mother
  • Parent
  • Husband
  • Wife
  • President
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • COO
  • Pastor
  • Dean
  • Teacher
  • Owner
  • Board Member
  • Director

I’m convinced that if I were to look at each of the roles I serve in through a leadership lens, I would be more effective.

For example, it is common for me to share, “I’m the father of three children.” What if I said (and acted upon) the statement, “I’m leading three children.”?

It moves the statement from passive to active. You see, saying “I’m a father” only shares a historical fact. Stating “I’m leading” shares the need for ongoing attention and action!

It makes sense, doesn’t it? By saying, “I’m leading three children,” it indicates that I’m:

  • Actively involved
  • Required to set the example
  • Teaching them
  • Equipping them to become productive citizens!

Instead of saying, “I’m the CEO of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., LLC,” it is much more weighty to say, “I’m the leader …”

Who and what are you leading?

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