Are you doing what you love to do?

Are you doing what you love to do? Are you passionate about your work? Do you have a passion for doing a particular type of work? Are you doing what you were put on earth to accomplish?

There are many people who are not doing the very thing they are passionate about. For many, the number one concern is money. Money pays the bills. Even if a job is despised, people will stay just for the money and benefits. Meanwhile, the very thing they were put on this earth to do is rejected and ignored.

In many cases, the very thing that a person is put on earth to do does not generate a large income. It may not generate ANY income. If this describes you, that is EXACTLY why I am blogging on personal finances. This is why it is so critical that you become debt-free RIGHT NOW!!! Not tomorrow, not next year, not in five years … NOW!!! Can you do what you are made to do if you have no payments? How much income would you need to generate to live if you had no debts?

A hero of mine pursued his passion in life – playing the piano. You may have heard of him – Anthony Burger. Anthony burned his hands as a child, and there was doubt about his even being able to have 100% use of his hands. He would not deny the passion of his life and made it his life’s work. Anthony Burger died last Wednesday evening at the age of 44 doing what he loved the most – playing the piano for a huge crowd on a Gaither Homecoming cruise.

Anthony made his life’s passion happen. He made it happen immediately. There was no time for delay. He only had 44 years. There was (and is) no promise of time to get on with it.

What is the world missing out on because you are not relentlessly pursuing your life’s work? If money is the blocker, make it a non-issue by becoming debt-free!

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