Are you giving?

I remember being taught to give as a child. I was taught in two ways. One way was each time that I earned a little bit of money, I was taught that I should give 10% of it away. POWERFUL STUFF! The other way was when I saw my parents give money away. EVEN MORE POWERFUL!

Giving allows you to put wind in the sails of your dreams. It allows you to invest in those things that you care the most about. It enables you to understand that your resources are able to accomplish far more than you alone could do. You could fund a homeless shelter so that they can feed the down and out. You can give to the Red Cross to help others in the most desperate times of life. You can give to your local church where one can learn about the hope of the world. You can give to individuals who are down on their luck. You can give to friends who are struggling financially. You can give to friends who are serving as missionaries to the most hopeless parts of the world.

You can’t give, however, if all of your money is being sent to Capital One. You can’t give to the things that matter most if you are in debt up to your eyeballs. If you can’t get your budget to balance and every single dollar is spent on your debt, you can’t support the things that you are most passionate about.

When you have financial freedom, you are able to give more than you ever thought possible. WOW! This pumps me up! Paying bills doesn’t pump me up! Helping others accomplish far more than they ever thought possible is what pumps me up!!!

Who are you giving to? I challenge you to give to someone today!

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