Are you paying it forward?

You have had success! You have achieved financial peace. Debt is no longer a part of your life or it is rapidly becoming extinct. The house payment is gone or it is close to leaving. All of your other debts are paid off. You have a budget that is working. The retirement fund is growing. The college fund is growing. The daughter’s wedding fund is growing. The new car fund is in place. You have a fully-funded emergency fund.

Congratulations! You are among the few that have been able to tell themselves “No!” often enough to win financially! Great job! Because of this, you have changed your family’s future. Your family will have opportunities that many others have carelessly spent away.

Question for you: Are you paying it forward? Are you helping others learn the lessons you have learned? You have family members that need your help. They do not have the financial knowledge you have. They do not truly understand how to get from a debt-laden situation to a financially peaceful situation. You have friends that need your help. They need help setting up their first budget. They need help buying that first house. Your children need you to teach them how to wisely manage money. Are you teaching them?

Take the challenge – teach someone else about how to effectively manage their personal finances this week!

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