Are you ready?

So I just got back from the wake of a family member we lost unexpectedly. Fifty years young. Game over.

Do you have a plan? Are you ready? Will those who rely on you be able to continue without you? One HUGE way to ensure that your family can continue on without major life changes is to have term life insurance. It is very affordable. Think about it. If you passed away today, would your family be financially prepared to face the future?

I want my family to be able to focus on the next phase of life without having to worry about how they will make the car payment, credit card payment, house payment, and how they will get by without my income. I have taken care of this by obtaining 20-year level term life insurance equal to about 10X my annual income. It is very cheap. You can check the costs at Zander Insurance. You can either buy through Zander or through your local insurance agent.

Do it today.

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