Are you STUCK? – Part Two

Welcome to the newest series at – "Are you STUCK?"

So … are you?  Do you wonder where to begin?  This series is for you.

In part one, I asked WHY are you stuck?

Part Two:  Plan what you have!

Now that you have written down the reasons that you are stuck, it is time to prepare a written spending plan.

Yes, a budget.  Here is something I have learned – managed money goes farther than unmanaged money.

I know that what you have is limited.  In some cases, VERY limited.  BUT, it is imperative that you plan what you do have.

There are free budget tools available by clicking on the "TOOLS" link at the top of the page OR you can obtain the budgets by clicking the right one for you below.

[download#1#nohits]  If you are paid once per month, this is the budget tool for you.

[download#2#nohits]  If you are paid multiple times per month (twice/month, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, weekly, etc.), this is the budget tool for you.

If you want to learn how to put together a great budget, you might want to read the "How Do I Budget?" series.

Next we will discuss how to choose who gets paid and who does not!

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