Awesome Time At Graystone Church!

I had a BLAST at Graystone Church today!

Telling the story of how Jenn and I were able to stop being B-R-O-K-E never gets old.  I am so PUMPED UP about it, and I can't help but yell about it to anyone who will listen!

I was able to speak during the two morning services at 9:30AM and 11:00AM.  Immediately following the  second service, lunch was served and the Financial Learning Experience was set up.

The staff and volunteers did a fantastic job preparing for this event!  At 12:30PM sharp, the Financial Learning Experience started and so did the life change.

I KNOW that there were people who came to the FLE hopeLESS and left hopeFULL.

I KNOW that there were people who came in overwhelmed by their finances and left equipped to face their situation.

I KNOW that there were people who wondered whether they would learn something that could help them take their finances and left with several tools that will absolutely help them do just that!

I LOVE teaching the FLE because the tools that I teach are PRACTICAL and immediately applicable and are THE TOOLS that Jenn and I used to become debt-free and win with our money.  We STILL use these tools every single month, and we will use these tools until the day we die or until we learn of an even better way to manage our money.

Pastor Jonathan has posted some of his thoughts about the day HERE.

Graystone Church:  Thanks so much for your kindness!  My family is so thankful for the opportunity to share on this subject that we are so passionate about.  Thank you! 

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  1. Heath on August 25, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Thanks again for coming! It was awesome!!

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