Hidden Treasure!

Do you have hidden treasure lying around the house that could make you debt-free immediately?

I have a friend who kept all of his coins in jars around the house. Whenever he would get change from buying something, he would put the change in the jar. After putting together his first-ever budget, he was becoming much more aware of opportunities to reduce his debt.

One day we were talking about his debt snowball plan and how much time would pass until he would achieve debt freedom. In passing, we somehow got onto the subject of saving change. He revealed to me that he had this process where he would save his change. I asked him, “How much change do you have?” He replied, “Oh, I don’t know, but I do know that I have one of those large pickle jars full of dollar coins!” WOW! That’s awesome!

Much to his bank teller’s dismay, he cashed in his change over the course of the next three days. It was that much change!!! Bottomline – He became debt-free! He had hidden treasure right there in front of him!

What do you have in front of you that could seriously assist you in your quest for financial freedom?

Help someone out with their finances!

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to know the awesome feeling of helping to change a life? Do you want to see hope restored to eyes that had no hope? Help someone with their finances!

I don’t mean that you should give them a bunch of money. I don’t mean that you should give them any money. I mean help them with their finances! Sit down with them and help them put together their first ever zero-based budget. Help them understand what a mutual fund is and how to invest. Teach them the concept of dollar-cost averaging or compound interest. Show them that a little bit saved every month can equal a lot in just a few years. It does not take a sophisticated degree or certification to help someone with their finances. It takes caring and understanding!

There is an amazing thing that happens when you teach a person to better manage their finances – you gain a friend. You truly helped them make a tangible, real change in their financial future.

I would not have learned sound financial management techniques without being taught by friends and family. This is a case where “paying it forward” makes a HUGE difference for the future! It made a huge difference for my family’s financial future!

Go make it happen! You can do it!

Funny things we spend money on!

We are crazy when it comes to spending our money! I smile when I think of the different things we buy.

Here are some examples that have made me smile.

  • Snow White and her seven drawfs in 1/2-size and placed them in their yard
  • Yard art – Silhouettes of old people bent over with their rears facing you
  • I bought a seed germination heating mat (but I got it 1/2-off!)
  • Boiled peanuts (I love them!)
  • Having a “grill” installed in your teeth (especially the ones with gold and diamonds)
  • Hot tubs that sit unused at least 355 days a year
  • Big boats that sit unused at least 355 days a year
  • Goats and donkeys
  • Ground effects and big tires for trucks
  • Huge amp in a Datsun B210 car
  • A harp

Bottom-line: No matter what you do, no matter where you live, no matter how much you already have – you will still want just one thing more, and that one thing will seem absolutely crazy to someone else. When you boil it down, most of the items we think we need are really just wants. If you are broke, just say no! If you are not broke, buy it, and just let us all smile!

Retirement Calculations – Time to get started!

If you ever wondered how much and how long you need to save to have $1,000,000 – Look no further!

If you want to type in some custom calculations, there is a good calculator here.

HAVE FUN! By the way, if you are saving $30,000/year, I am accepting donations!!! 🙂

I know the difference!

Observed today on a sticker – “I know the difference between right and wrong, but I choose to ignore it.”

When it comes to finances, I have learned a lot about what is right and wrong. I hope I do not EVER choose to ignore it!

I have learned that:
– saving money is right and that spending all of my money is wrong
– having an emergency fund for emergencies is right and using a credit card for emergencies is wrong
– giving to worthy causes and individuals is right and not giving at all is dead wrong
– paying cash for purchases is right and paying on payments is wrong
– including your spouse in the budgeting process is right and not including them is wrong
– calling our money “ours” is right and our money “mine” and “yours” is wrong
– working together as husband and wife toward common financial goals is right and working separately is wrong
– having medical and life insurance is right and not having this insurance is wrong
– dealing with your financial situation is right and just throwing up your hands and declaring bankruptcy is wrong
– developing a plan and following it is right and handing your financial mess over to rip-off credit counseling is wrong
– facing your finances is right and choosing to ignore it is plain wrong

I would love to hear some other truths you have learned as you have dealt with your finances!