Book Review: Values-Based Financial Planning

Someone gave me a book to read recently, so I read it as I traveled five miles above the ground to Dallas, TX last week.

The book is Values-Based Financial Planning – The Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy written by Bill Bachrach.

Here are some items/lines/quotes that stood out to me …

  • Started off with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • "Sometimes you have to change direction even when you're succeeding."
  • Jim Carey "wrote himself a $10 million check and put it in his billfold to hold until the day he could cash it" to "spur himself on."
  • "The future will come whether your plan for it or not.  Will you have the future you want or the future that happens to you by default?"
  • "To get somewhere tomorrow, you have to know your position today."
  • "The real reason to hire a [financial planner] is delegation, not to get a higher return."

It was a fast read – less than two hours.  It really pushes one to consider a financial planner (not a surprise since that is what Bill is all about!).

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