Budget time (again)

Well, it is that time of month again. The time of month where the old budget has to be put together for the next 31 days. Once this plan is established, we will utilize our money exactly as stated on the paper. In a sense, we have truly pre-paid our spending on paper. This is our written plan. It is the reason we have dumped so much debt. It is the reason we have financial peace.

When we first started budgeting, it was tough to get it to balance. There were so many expenses that we realized that we did not have a plan for – especially the non-monthly bills like auto insurance and property taxes.

When we budget now, however, it is a pretty quick process. As we go through the month, we are thinking about upcoming expenses and logging it down that the expense needs to be included in next month’s budget. Our average budget session lasts 15 minutes start to finish.

In 36 months of budgeting, we have only had to adjourn a budget discussion 1 time without having completed the budget. How is it that Jenn and I work well together to develop a budget so quickly? We are both engaged and understand that this is the tool that will help keep us accountable to our short and long-term financial goals. By achieving our financial goals, we are positioning ourselves to be able to do exactly what we are made to do – regardless of the income potential of those activities.

So now our new accountability plan is in place and current for the next month. In this plan, we will be giving money away, saving money for retirement and upcoming known expenses, and spending money on great things like FOOD, utilities (yay …), gas (choke :


Does yours?

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