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Introducing Baby Sangl!

On Wednesday, September 25th, at 3:55 PM, Megan Jennifer Sangl arrived weighing 7 lb 9 oz and measuring 20 inches long! Mother and daughter are doing perfect!


And Baby Sangl #3 is a …


Over the past several weeks, lots of people shared their “vote” on what they thought our new addition was going to be.

The results of the vote were:

  • 59% said GIRL
  • 41% said BOY

2 to 1 said “GIRL,” and you were right!

Ribbons and curls. My Little Pony. Bows. Little sundresses.

A baby sister for her big sister.

My heart is full.

And my bank account is trembling.

Can’t wait to meet this beautiful blessing!

Baby Sangl Survey: Baby BOY or GIRL – VOTE!

On February 1st, I announced that our family was growing again. We’re so fired up about this for several reasons:

  1. Doctors told us that having another child was highly unlikely.
  2. This makes three miracles
  3. Children are a blessing from God!

At the end of this month, we’re going to have the “find out what we’re having” ultrasound. Since this expense will continue to help me max out my health insurance deductible, I thought we could have some fun with this by “voting” what we think “Baby Sangl” is going to be: another beautiful daughter who makes my wallet spontaneously combust or another son who will follow in the footsteps of his brother and break everything in the house – including my flat screen tv with his toy fire truck.

So … let the voting begin:

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I’m excited, PUMPED, and STUNNED to announce that God has worked another miracle in our lives: We’re expecting another Sangl!

Last month, we paid off our house. Just 13 days after paying that off, we find out that we have the blessing of another child on the way!!!


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Keaton Joseph Sangl has arrived!

I am PUMPED to announce that Keaton Joseph Sangl has arrived!   Here are the stats:

  • February 6, 2010
  • 9:00PM
  • 7 lb 15 oz
  • 20 inches
  • Very little hair (what he has is reddish-blonde and slightly curly)
  • Mom is doing great
  • Big sister Melea is FIRED UP!

We are so GRATEFUL TO GOD for giving us this precious gift of a son a whole 10 years after big sister Melea was born!

There are a lot more pictures available on my Facebook page.   I am listed in Facebook under “Joseph Sangl”.


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I am sitting in the hospital patiently (or not so patiently) awaiting the arrival of our miracle baby (read that story HERE), and I am amazed at the capability of the professionals here.   There is NOTHING like seeing an EXPERT at work doing something that they love to do!   They are passionate about continuous learning (great leaders know that they don’t know everything and are thirsty for more knowledge).   They do what they love (they refuse to settle for a J.O.B.).     It shows in their work.

If you are looking to take your finances to the next level, let me ask you a question.

When was the last time you sought out an EXPERT who is great at what you want to be great at?

If it is budgeting, seek an expert on budgeting (and use the FREE TOOLS on this website!).   If it is investing, find an investment professional.   If you want to learn how to save money on groceries, find an expert who can teach you how (like Clark Howard or The Saving Freak).

Where ever you want to go next, find someone who is already there – and ask them to help you!   Most of them will be PUMPED to teach you!

By the way, the news about our new baby should appear here SOON – PRAY!

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Update on Baby Sangl Boy


Official due date is February 6 which means that we are expecting his arrival in just 10 days or so.

Please keep Jenn in your prayers as she embarks on delivering our new son to the world!

What a miracle we have experienced!   If you don’t know the story, you should read our testimony HERE.

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And The Sangl’s Will Be Having A …

A BOY!   On or around February 6, the Sangl Family will be welcoming a baby boy to the family.   Everything looks tremendous, momma is feeling great, and the “nesting” is in full-force.   We spent the day today taking out all of the baby stuff that we put away nearly 10 years ago.   We have some good stuff that we can use, but I am betting the pink dresses won’t work well …

Here’s a money saving tip if you are a cash-paying customer …       The 20-week ultrasound costs around $350.   We discovered that our local college (Greenville Tech) will provide it for FREE – all you have to do is schedule it!   We were able to have our ultrasound performed by a senior and then checked by the instructor to make sure everything was done correctly – and it was all FREE.

Again – Thanks to everyone who voted on “boy” vs. “girl” – the boys led the girls in the voting 123 to 78.

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If you do not know the full story of the MIRACLE that our new son is, you should take a few minutes to read about it HERE.

Baby Sangl: One Last Chance To VOTE

Tomorrow we find out what God only currently knows about Baby Sangl #2 – Boy or Girl.   I will share the results on the blog (I will probably Twitter it earlier).

You have one last chance to vote …   🙂


Baby Sangl #2 will be a ...
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Can you tell that I am excited?   By the way, we are still working on the Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular so that no debt is incurred with his/her birth!

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October 22: Boy or Girl

On October 22nd, Sangl Baby #2 will have to identify him/herself.   Let’s have a little vote, shall we?   What do you think – vote now!

Baby Sangl #2 will be a ...
View Results

Survey results will be shared on October 22 AM with the REALITY being shared later that day!

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Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular –

Back in June, we announced the unbelievable miracle of a second child that God has sent our way (HERE).

Since Baby Sangl is a Known, Upcoming Expense, we immediately began to evaluate our known, upcoming expense fund and reassigning money to the Baby Sangl Fund.

We REFUSE to use debt to pay the enormous hospital bills.  We have been given a 7.5 month warning of Baby Sangl's arrival.  We know that it will take a few more months after he/she arrives for the bills to arrive.

I am pleased to say that we are 38% of the way to our savings goal!  The Christmas Fund and few other funds have taken a hit, but that is OK!

The Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular will appear on this blog shortly.

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Savings Spectacular: Baby Sangl

Regular readers of know how much I love visual ways to track paying something off or saving money to avoid debt altogether.  We call them Savings Spectaculars and Debt Pay-Off Spectaculars.

With the miracle of Baby Sangl comes the lovely large medical bills.  We could sit around and pretend that the bills are not going to show up.  We could ignore the obvious.  If we choose to ignore the obvious, we will end up in a financial mess.

Let me clarify, this is NOT an event that qualifies for use of the Emergency Fund!  Why?  Because we have been given SEVEN MONTHS notice!  This means that Baby Sangl is moved to "Known, Upcoming Expense" status.

Since Baby Sangl is a Known, Upcoming Expense, we must save money NOW!

So we will start a new feature at – The Baby Sangl Savings Spectacular.

Welcome to planet earth, Baby Sangl, where your big sister, mom, and dad can't wait for you to arrive – debt-free!

(Obtain your own Spectacular HERE!)

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