Book Review

FREE eBook: “God Centered Finances” – by Mark Asbell

In October of 2006, Mark and Shawna Asbell experienced what I call their “I Have Had Enough” (IHHE) moment. They received an official delivery of home foreclosure paperwork while their church small group was sitting in their living room. Facing over $85,000 in non-house debt and the threat of losing their home, they attended the…

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Book Review: Church Giving Matters

A friend of mine recently released his first book, Church Giving Matters, and I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to him publicly.  His name is Ben Stroup, and he is passionate about the topic of giving. I was provided the huge honor to preview this book, and I believe that Ben is dead on with his…

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The Go-Giver

Recently, Casey Graham (Founder of The Change Group) sent a book to me and told me that it had a major impact on his life. It is a book called "The Go-Giver".   It is authored by John David Mann. It took me a couple of months to sit down and read it, but I…

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