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MMT PODCAST: How to Have a Debt Free Christmas

Are you ready to have a debt free Christmas this year? We are already at the end of November and Christmas is less than a month away. During this episode, Joe will share exactly what you can do in order to complete your Christmas shopping without incurring any additional debt. Joe has an update on the U.S. National Debt and we have a success story about a couple who created their first ever budget without an argument.  

It’s our goal at the end of each episode that you gain hope and encouragement in your financial journey, you’re equipped to take a next step, and that you’ve had FUN with us!

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Show Notes:

About the Episode:

  • Joe shares alarming information about the U.S. National Debt.
  • Megan shares a success story about a couple who created their first ever budget without an argument.
  • Joe explains what you can do in order to have a debt-free Christmas this year.

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Quote of the Day: “Without a PLAN and a PROCESS, you won’t make PROGRESS.” – Pastor Ken Murphy, Cypress Church


Pulling Money Out Of Retirement Accounts Early

As people take off on their debt freedom journey, so many times they are tempted to withdraw money from their retirement accounts in an attempt to speed up their debt elimination process. We get questions all the time from people who want to know whether or not we think this is a good idea.

I do not think it is ever a good idea to take money out of a retirement account in an effort to pay off debt. Many people feel like retirement is so far away that they have plenty of time to begin saving. And while you may have plenty of time to start saving, you will never regret starting as early as possible. The key is to start investing early and invest consistently. In all likelihood, no matter when you begin saving for retirement, you will wish you had started sooner.  

When you get started on your debt freedom journey, it can seem like the end is so far away. But I would encourage you to stay the course. Get a budget using one of our FREE tools, calculate your debt freedom date using our FREE calculator and slowly but surely, you will see those debts drop off. And once they are all gone, not only will you be debt free but you will also still have your money working for you in your retirement accounts.


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0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you have credit cards and you carry a balance from month to month, this tip could literally save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars! You should consider a 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card. With these cards, you can transfer your outstanding balance on your card, to a new card and pay 0% for a specified term. This means that all of your payments will be going directly to principal! This is HUGE! Check out the YouTube video below to learn more about how these cards work and how they helped me become debt free.


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Early Pay-Off Calculator

Do you have debt that you are really trying to get rid of? Are you interested to see how much time and money you could gain by paying off that debt earlier? If so, check out our Early Debt Payoff Calculator HERE. This tool allows you to enter the interest rate, outstanding loan balance, the principal & interest monthly payment, and the additional amount that you want to pay towards the loan each month.  Once you have entered this information, the calculator will tell you how many months you will gain back of no payments and how much money you will save in interest payments. It is time to break up with that student loan debt and pay off that home mortgage. Check it out today!


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Good vs. Bad Debt

If you have been following my posts for a while, you probably know that I talk a lot about reducing and eliminating debt. So it might come as a shock to you that I do not think all debts are created equal and there is a such thing as good debt! I actually break debt down into four different categories ranging from terrible to good.

  1. Terrible Debt: This debt is the worst type of debt you can have. This debt includes payday loans and pawn shop loans. These loans typically have a VERY high interest rate. When I say very high, I mean that I once saw one that was 640% interest! I think we can agree that is terrible.
  2. Bad Debt: This debt may not be terrible but it is still pretty bad. This includes your credit card debt, unsecured signature loans, car loans, etc. Yes you read that correctly, car debt is not considered good debt. The average new car drops in value $100 per week during the first four years.
  3. Better Debt: I only classify one type of debt as better debt and that is home mortgage debt. Every time you make a payment some of this money is going into home equity so hopefully when you go to sell it, it will have gone up in value and you will have made money.
  4. Best Debt: If you are going to have debt, business debt is the best debt you can have. This is where I would categorize rental properties, buying franchises, buying into a small business, etc. This type of debt will allow you to scale your business and make more money.

All debts are not created equal and there are some that are way, way worse than others. Make sure you take this into consideration any time you are contemplating going into debt so that you can make the right financial decision.


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