How to Grow Your Personal Finances Even in Ministry

Quick note about the Propel Conference. It’s an event for pastors and teams at churches under 300.

I am going to be one of the featured speakers and I will be talking about how to grow your personal finances even in ministry.

This event is going to be so helpful to you and your team along with all of the other session at Propel this year.

Important Note:

Early registration ends in a few days so this is your last chance to get your entire team registered for only $97.

After that the price goes up from there.

Click Here to Register Your Team at the Lowest Rate

Last year they had over 1000 pastors and staff members attend and this year it’s going to be even bigger.

Me and my team will be watching the event and we would love to have yours attend as well. It’s all online so no travel is required.

If you want to grow yourself, your team and your church, I can’t recommend the Propel Conference enough.

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See You There!

P.S. Early Registration ends in a few days!

How to Grow as a Team

My friends at Ministry Pass recently did a study on leadership development and they found that 70% of pastors go to conference to grow as a leader.

What they also noticed is 81% of church leaders want to do more for themselves and their team but the expense is too costly.

If you are at a church under 300, you understand this tension.  

It’s hard to take your team to a conference because everything adds up real quick:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Travel Expenses 
  • Multiple Conference Registrations

This makes it really hard for smaller churches to participate in leadership development.

Especially as a group.

They wanted to create something to allow churches under 300 to experience the value and depth of a conference without having to incur a lot of extra cost.

(Drumroll please…)

Propel Conference is a pastor and staff event for churches under 300. The conference will be held on February 1st from Noon – 4pm (EST).

Featuring over a dozen ministry experts, you’ll be coached in discipleship, communication, personal health, and church growth that fit a church of your size.

All of the content will be geared toward you. Your situation, your budget, your church.

Say goodbye to really expensive and time consuming conference trips.

Here are a few of the benefits of attending Propel Conference:

  • You will hear from pastors who have been where you currently are and learn how they were able to grow as a small church
  • You can grow together as a staff    
  • No travel is involved because we are doing an online broadcast

The total cost for your entire church will only be $97 (early bird special)

You read that right…

If you register now the total cost for Propel Conference is only $97 for you, your staff and church elders.

Register Now for Propel Conference 2017

Don’t let money or time keep you or your team from growing as a leaders. Propel Conference will move you forward from where you are, to where you want to be.

I am honored to be one of their featured speakers this year.

Join me and thousands of other leaders as we grow together.

P.S.  The early bird window is open until January 16th, so make sure you register before the price goes up. Register Your Church Here

Registration now OPEN! Core Coaching Program

Registration for the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Core Coaching Program is officially open!

We’ve already had several people register for this 14-session training program. We’re excited to help them take their financial knowledge to an entirely new level!

Just today I received the following note on Facebook: “My wife and I took your program 2 years ago. We began tithing. God opened doors to more over time and has allowed us to pay down debts.

That fires me up! And it is what the Core Coaching Program is all about – taking your finances to another level.

If you are serious about taking your money and financial education to another level in 2016, click HERE to learn more and register.

Registration closes January 31st – or when 100 people have registered, whichever occurs first.

Final Notes About Tonight’s Online Event (Last Chance To Register!)

Tonight is the night! The “How To Make This Year The BEST YEAR YET” live online event will begin promptly at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (7PM Central/5PM Pacific).

It’s free but you must be registered to be a part of this event.

Here are the final details:

  1. The event is overbooked – so log in early! We’re attempting to accommodate everyone who is registered, but our software provider only allows 500 live connections at one time. We recommend logging in about 15 minutes early to be absolutely certain you secure your spot!
  2. I will be speaking for about 45 minutes. This will allow time for around 15 minutes of Q&A at the end.
  3. Print out your Listening Guide. Each participant should have received an email with the Listening Guide attached (if not, we will provide a link before the event begins). Make sure to print out this guide because it will help maximize your experience during this event.
  4. I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Core Coaching Program (CCP) – Wave 6 registration will open up. At the end of this online event, I will share information about the CCP and provide an opportunity for you to register for this year-long financial transformation experience.

Best Year Yet - FB Header


How To Have Your BEST (Financial) YEAR YET

One of the top New Year Resolutions people “resolve” to do is related to the improvement of one’s finances. Common resolutions include: “pay off debt”, “save money”, and “budget consistently”.

Hopefully, you’ve made a financial resolution for 2016. I know I have!

It is important to take steps toward your resolution as soon as possible to prevent old money habits and hangups from thwarting your goal.

One way to take a positive step forward is to participate in our upcoming live online event this Thursday night at 8:00 PM EST! I’m going to be sharing some key tips you can employ to ensure you have the BEST YEAR YET.

It’s going to be a gathering of hundreds of like-minded people. I promise you this: you will laugh, you will be challenged, and I’ve actually employed each tip in my own life and experienced positive results.

It’s FREE, but you do need to register. Once you’ve registered, all the details will be emailed to you, plus we’ll send you a reminder shortly before the event begins.

Best Year Yet - FB Header

  • EVENT: How To Make This Year The BEST YEAR YET
  • DATE: Thursday, January 14th
  • TIME:  8:00 PM EST
  • DURATION:  60 minutes (45 minutes teaching + 15 minutes Q&A)
  • COST:  Free
  • REGISTER:  Click HERE to reserve your spot. Space is limited to the first 500 people who sign in on the night of the event.