Valentine’s Day – 5 Reasons I Love My Family



I love my family. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share 5 reasons I love them so much.

5 Reasons I Love My Family

  1. They are beautiful. My daughters look like their mother. My son has tousled hair and has such a tender heart for others. All three children have dark blue eyes. There is absolutely nothing like the love shared within a family. Amazing.
  2. They are fired up. From early morning to late at night, our house is a rolling circus. My bride prayed for a calm child while each of our children were in the womb. We’re still waiting for the calm child to appear because these three are FIRED UP!!!
  3. They believe in me. A person can’t embark upon a journey to launch businesses and travel the corners of the earth without the support of their family.
  4. We embrace crazy. We have decided to embrace crazy. From track and cross country practice and meets to preschool meetings to newborn doctor visits, life is crazy. It won’t get calmer anytime soon, so we’ve chosen to embrace these moments and enjoy them.
  5. They are each unique and special. My bride is organized. My oldest daughter isn’t organized, but she is amazingly creative – having her drawing selected as the school mascot and another design chosen for a sculpture placed in the school’s front lawn. My son is hard-charging and driven to complete projects – even at four years old. My newest daughter is still figuring out how she is going to melt our wallets, but has mastered smiling – in the cutest ways!

What are 5 reasons you love YOUR family? I invite you to share them on our Facebook Page.

I Just Can’t Do This Anymore

I just can’t do this anymore.

This statement summarizes the feelings many people have about money.

When someone says something like this,

They are NOT saying …

  • I’m unwilling to put in the effort necessary to win with money
  • I give up
  • I’m not responsible for for my financial situation

They are really …

  • Crying out for help
  • Frustrated or downright depressed about their current financial situation
  • Overwhelmed
  • Losing hope that it will ever get better
  • Begging for teaching and help that actually makes sense to them

This is why the I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. organization has always focused on providing PRACTICAL and RELEVANT financial teaching and resources. Here are just some of the resources you can take advantage of right now:

  1. Attend one of our live teaching events (see schedule HERE)
  2. Use one or more of our nearly 100 free financial tools (HERE like budgets, financial calculators, etc)
  3. Register for our FREE exclusive on-line teaching event coming on Sunday, August 25th – the “I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. LADDER” 9 Rungs to a Fully Funded Life event (REGISTRATION LINK)

Fired up to serve you!


Do You Manage Finances Like A Ceiling Fan?

I was putting my son to bed recently and turned on the ceiling fan in his room and observed something interesting. When I turned on the electrical switch, the fan went from a stop to a rapid spin. However, when I turned the electrical switch to the “off” position, the fan continued spinning for awhile. At first, it didn’t even appear to have been shut off, but then it began to slow down. Within a minute or two, it had stopped completely.

A tremendous financial lesson can be learned from this.

I see a lot of people who:

  1. Get FIRED UP about winning with their money (the switch is turned on)
  2. Make great decisions (like preparing a monthly budget, focus on building a savings account, begin investing, and start killing debt) that help them build financial margin and eliminate debt (the fan begins spinning)

But then they …

  1. Get over the initial emotional high (the switch is turned off)
  2. Stop doing the very things that began helping them – they stop preparing a budget every single month and let crazy expenses begin to creep back into their lives

But they don’t recognize that the switch is OFF because they are still seeing some debt being eliminated and savings are continuing to go up a little because of their previous good decision-making!

Before they know it the fan stops spinning, and they find themselves in the exact same situation they began with.

The reason my bride and I have won with our money over the long term is because we have focused on ensuring that the switch to financial freedom stays ON. Here are a few key things we do ALL THE TIME to keep the fan spinning:

  1. We prepare a monthly budget (use my free budget tools or App to do the same)
  2. We talk to each other about our finances each month – it is a great conversation!
  3. We make sure we save money every month – for emergencies, known upcoming non-monthly expenses, and our dreams
  4. We invest money every month – for college, future dreams, and retirement
  5. We give money away every month – it keeps us focused on the needs of others!
  6. We track net worth every month – it allows us to understand the bigger picture of what is going on in our finances

You CAN do this!

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An Open Letter to Business Leaders and Pastors

Dear Business Leader/Pastor,

As a leader, you encounter people who are in financial trouble. Statistics show that over 70% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. OVER SEVENTY PERCENT!

What does this mean for you, and why should this matter?

For business leaders, it has been shown that people who are struggling financially have lower productivity, are prone to attendance issues, and are unsatisfied with their pay – believing their pay is the reason for their financial hardship.

For pastors, people who struggle financially also struggle spiritually. People are unable to give as they would like because of their financial situation.

I have a question for you:  What are you doing to financially equip your people?

Business Leaders: Do you just push their issues under the carpet and chuckle about the “OT” hogs? Perhaps you abdicate responsibility by saying, “We are a business, not an educational institution.” or “We can’t tell our people what to do with their money.”

Pastors: Do you teach about giving the full tithe, pushing non-givers into complete shame and guilt, without offering a way to make it happen? Do you share that “God says to ‘test me in this’”? or “Just give and God will make up the difference?”

WE MUST EQUIP PEOPLE! If we do not, who will? Marketers and salespersons providing a commercial to “buy our stuff and you will be happy” every six minutes!

I am on a CRUSADE to help people with their finances! I cannot simply stand by and watch others struggle with their finances the way I did! I cannot simply stand by and see others struggle KNOWING there is A BETTER WAY! I travel the planet to proclaim this, and I want to help you! Here are ways our team can help you:

Financial Learning Experience A 2 hour event, designed to fit your staff, congregation, and employee needs. It is a practical experience focused on the “how-to” of money management. It has been our honor to teach this to nearly 250,000 people over the past five years! Click HERE to start the conversation about a partnership.

Group Studies: I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. (for adults) and What Everyone Should Know About Money Before They Enter The Real World. (for high school/college students thru 20-somethings) Equip people to win with their money – regardless of their age! You can view the first video lesson and study questions for FREE by clicking HERE.

FREE TOOLS:  We have nearly 100 free tools via “Free Tools” and also offer a free App for Apple and Android products!

Keynote Speaking: It is quite an honor to be able to speak over 120 times per year! Click HERE to fill out a speaking request for your special event.

Contact us!

Are You Holding On To Financial Destruction?

As I was driving along a road one day, I saw a squirrel standing in the center of the road. He seemed to notice my oncoming vehicle, but was weighed down by a walnutt he was carrying.

As my truck bore down on him, he seemed to be working with all of his might to get off of the road to safety, but the nut was seriously slowing him down. In spite of the danger, he kept his firm grip on the nut.

I applied my brakes and had to swerve to avoid him. I’m happy to report that the squirrel got off of the road safely – with his nut.

I see people like this all of the time. They are holding on to something that is slowing them way down financially, but they just won’t let go of it. Unfortunately, many creditors and financiers do not swerve or apply their brakes to protect them.

The end result? They lose their financial freedom trying to hold on to the very thing weighing them down. Some common items that weigh people down are:

  • A car with a huge car payment
  • A huge house with a monster monthly payment
  • A boat payment for a boat that is used five times a year
  • A massive motorcycle payment

None of these are wrong. However, if it is weighing you down and putting you in danger of huge financial harm, it is time to let it go! Sell it, and liberate yourself.

Are you holding on to something that is weighing you down? Maybe it’s time to let it go – the truck is barreling down the road toward you!

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